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Works great for windows 7 and below 5 stars by iAmEKMA Nov 01, 2015 (Read all my 6 reviews)
This program works great for Windows 7 and below (I have not tried with 8 or 8.1). I am unimpressed with using this on Windows 10 though. I found that after using in Windows 10, I was unable to access many apps and the app store. Sad...I really, really, really loved this app when I ran Windows XP and 7...... show Review details
Great registry cleaner 5 stars by labman24620 Jul 15, 2015 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I have been using Wise Registry Cleaner, but this Eusing outdoes it all the way around. First time run, found 272 invalid entries in my registry. I clicked on Repair all. It also saved a copy of my registry before cleaning. The next time I ran it, the next day, it only found 5 entries. It also told me that some might not be able to be removed due to the computer not allowing some to be deleted, or might be in use by some other program. I really like this's a keeper. show Review details
A must 5 stars by bassaniobroke Feb 03, 2015 (Read all my 5 reviews)
For every Window XP owner. It has saved me from frequent window re-installation. Thanks to the maker of this software. show Review details
Can't get any better! 5 stars by intooldies161 Dec 22, 2014
Back in 2001,I got into computers when the kids needed a computer for school. Since then I have sought to find the best balance with software to run and maintain Windows. Every time when an update or a new program is added one has to juggle things around so that the Windows tower will not crash. It is like building a house from a deck of playing cards. Over the years and multiple versions of Windows one program has evolved to be a gem. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is so stable and predictable. Only one time a version was flawed. It did not have a uninstaller. No problem, just downloaded the newer version and installed over it. I personally don't trust any Windows program but here I trust it 99.9! Most registry cleaners out there are like spinning the barrel and putting the gun to the head. In other words, it might work or it's reinstall Windows time. show Review details
Great download 4 stars by usafjb388 Sep 04, 2012
I've been using Eusing Free Registry Cleaner for a couple of years now. Works great show Review details
A user experience 5 stars by tsiarasn307 Apr 22, 2012
I was using CCleaner for cleaning registry (as well as junk files). When I first ran Eusing Free Registry Cleaner your software found 440 candidate entries for deletion. I did the cleaning (the software left fourteen entries) and everything works fine as before. Your software stays for sure in my system maintenance folder. Thanks a lot! show Review details
Must have safe utility for registry cleaning 5 stars by compuable Jul 10, 2011 (Read all my 11 reviews)
I have used this program for several years now (using Win XP professional as well as Win 7 professional) and it has never caused any problems at all. And the computers that I use to 'test new freeware' has literally hundreds of programs installed on two large hard drives, so if there was any problem caused by Eusing I surely would have noticed it by now. Like many of these types of cleaners; after the initial scan the Eusing Free Registry Cleaner also provides a list of choices and allows the user to "untick" any choices the user deems unworthy of removal. Before the program deletes any keys, it automatically creates a backup of the registry and allows you to easily undo any changes if needed. By default; this program creates this backup each time you use it and has a button labeled: "Restore Previous Registry" just in case you want to restore the previous backup. Although I have used this program for a long time and it has never caused any problems at all; my feelings about 'registry cleaners' in general are that they should always be used with great caution - as well as ALWAYS using the so called back up option - but especially when used by beginners. show Review details
WOW, what a program 5 stars by Everreadyeddie Jun 18, 2011
WOW what a program, my machine was driving me nuts and I went on to the net for a solution.I even made the point that I wasn't interested in another Free registry Cleaner that was going to do nothing. I gave in and WOW this program is brilliant , I now have new life back in my machine and am going to donate to these people, they need our support to keep it going and even getting better. Thank you to the owners of the Program. show Review details
Been using it for over 3 years 5 stars by spelingchampeon Jan 29, 2010 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I have been using Eusing Free Registry Cleaner for over 3 years now, and have never had 1 issue with this free program. I've recommended it to my brother, and he has never complained once. The program is idiot proof, and if your unsure, you can always back up your registry before making changes (recommended). show Review details
Carefully 3 stars by Williy1 Sep 02, 2009 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Seems to me it is going for numbers. Has found about 1120 useless regkeys on my platform. They were retrieved mostly from the "files and folders" section. Well, I dont know!!! I wouldnt delete them. Its good in a way it is aggressive and will find all hidden regkeys of uninstalled programs that other regcleaners might not find, but on the other hand it needs a lot of expertise to decide whether you can safely delete them or not. I.e. it returned lots of MRU keys but a lot even from the user assist section. I wouldnt touch that section. Good thing, though, it has an effective exclude option either for individual keys or for registry sections. That might make it much safer and less effective. I think it is for advanced users only. show Review details
Antidote to Microsoft's sloppy program 4 stars by thosthos Jul 12, 2009 (Read all my 2 reviews)
The problem I had was a corrupted install of MS Office 2007. No uninstall worked properly and Office refused to work on reinstall. None of the solutions on the Web worked, or my existing cleaners. Eventually, I deleted every file referencing Office by hand, and used the Eusing cleaner on the registry. It found and fixed 540 errors missed by the others! Office then installed properly. The automatic registry backup gives confidence, and the cleaning is better than any other. I used it on a desktop littered with interacting MS stuff, like Office and Visual Studio, where it fixed 1500 errors. As a result the PC crashed on reboot, corrupting the XP system file! This was easily fixed and the PC is now much faster and more reliable. This is a great utility, a necessary antidote to Microsoft's sloppy programming. But you should know what you are doing and not be afraid of the registry. Otherwise, stick with CCleaner. show Review details
Thumbs up 5 stars by Zundapp Mar 29, 2009 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is an excellent free program. I run a few different reg cleaners and this one grabs what the others don't. show Review details
very recommendable 5 stars by Tbvck1 Dec 22, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have found this program to be reliable and accurate. It is good at cleaning up mess's that failed installs and uninstalls leave behind, and lots of other mishaps. Along with Eusing I sometimes have to use Windows install clean up to remove software that rudely fails to uninstall-then run Eusing, after a reboot of course. I would recommend Eusing to absolutely anyone and especially to those friends I have that are computer illiterate. You can't beat the price! show Review details
The best registry cleaner 5 stars by sonchip Nov 26, 2008 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I spent several days looking for a freeware registry cleaner. After all the ones I looked at, I could not find the one that worked as well as this one did. It is fast and works well. If there is a problem, it will find it. After having errors on my machine and running this, the machine ran fine. I recommend to others. show Review details
Easy and works great ... 5 stars by TideWalker Oct 25, 2008 (Read all my 23 reviews)
Another free program the runs good and works like a charm. I never had any problems with it. Get it, run it, check for problems, tick to select items or select all, repair issues and done. Another good one for the toolbox. A keeper! show Review details
Does a great job 4 stars by gimpguy Sep 12, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Just to make sure, before I use this, I backed up with Erunt, then Eusing, then ran it over a period of a few days. 384 problems on first run, cleaned, my PC had a noticeable difference. I thought it worked well. Of course as with any registry cleaner, there is an upper pass and lower pass which requires more than one run so not an issue, just normal. So far no issues, seems great for a free cleaner, will keep it around. show Review details
Curiosity killed the cat 2 stars by s1ipp3ry Apr 21, 2008 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Great News: Removed 150 bad entries wooohooo ! Bad news: My Pc is now having some pretty serious issues that it never had before I used this program - boo! Great news: I can use the program to restore my registry and fix things .... Bad news it didn't work ! Use this program with caution it can do harm ... curiosity killed the cat, I suppose, well maybe not the cat this time but certainly my PC. show Review details
Did the trick for me 4 stars by timknights Feb 18, 2008
Used to clean up a 5 year old windows installation on a very sluggish laptop. Removed 2000 registry entries and laptop works fine again with all applications. No problems. Cant complain at that for free. I frankly expected more problems having used various registry cleaners before. show Review details
A winner of a utility program! 5 stars by omegaman Dec 26, 2007
I have the Eusing Registry Cleaner 1.5 version, and it works very well. I have recently downloaded the 1.6 version and it is a reliable, complete, and simple program to operate. The back up feature is very valuable. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a fast, efficient computer system, and if you donate any money it is still a bargain. The 1.6 Version is just as reliable. My personal computer operates faster and with more efficiency. show Review details
Unreliable 2 stars by Caroline Dec 26, 2007 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Sorry I can't agree with most other reviews here. Based on reviews I decided to try it out. It looks good and seems to have good features. That said however, I'm glad I did my standard procedure of backing up my registry first. Let's just say the "automatic backup" it performed didn't work well for me. I certainly wouldn't trust this one again. show Review details
Eusing free registry cleaner 5 stars by LisaBurton Dec 22, 2007
This is a great tool, the best I have ever seen. When I finished using this, I was amazed how fast my computer was again. Before I used this, I thought it was time to buy a new computer. Not any more! Thank you so much for this fantastic tool! show Review details
Another great freeware 5 stars by miskairal Oct 23, 2007 (Read all my 29 reviews)
Ran this this morning because I have installed and uninstalled that much software that my computer was starting to feel the effects. Windows Explorer was so slow opening and navigating. I let Eusing fix all the errors it found (after saying yes to setting a system restore point) and I have found no problems so far. It's like having a zippy new computer. show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by chu1979 Oct 19, 2007 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Easy to use and safe to use. Recommended! show Review details
Excellent program 5 stars by skully68 Sep 20, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This is the best program in its class. I have used them all paid and free. This program will not delete anything that will hurt your machine like others do. I feel safe using this on all my computers win98,win me thats right ME,win xp pro NO Vista Hear. so feel safe with this one. It has the least problems of them all. show Review details
Non expert users 5 stars by nmdi11 Aug 11, 2007
This application is easy to use for the non expert users. It removes exactly those items that any home user, not disrespect full, will miss when they install and remove applications without thinking about the possible problems that may arise by their actions. show Review details
Alas, it makes some errors 3 stars by D_Spider Jun 08, 2007 (Read all my 19 reviews)
... that I know are errors: unused file extensions (which are in use), some paths, etc. I ran it several times, but I didn't let it clean anything until I checked the registry to be sure the path (for instance) was wrong. Other cleaners make errors, too, so I'm not singling out Eusing Free Registry Cleaner. And I have to admit I was impressed by its finding remnants of MSIE 4 (how long ago was that?) uninstall files in my very recently installed XPproSP2 registry. Overall, EFRC is okay, but I can't bring myself to trust it. show Review details
The only light in a dark place 5 stars by MattKizer Jun 02, 2007 (Read all my 3 reviews)
This has to be one of the best programs I have ever downloaded. It found and resolved 1711 problems! That's almost 2,000 issues! It removed the limewire and Kazza values left from the previous owner of the computer, and more! I highly suggest this program. 2 clicks resolved a lifetimes worth of issues. show Review details
Nice little gem of a program highly recremend 5 stars by webguy Apr 15, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This is a wonderful program it took and scanned my machine and found several errors in the registry and repaired them all with running the fix errors option one time. Unlike others I had tried and it took several scans to fix the errors if it fixed them all or not. This is the BEST one I have found. Give it a shot if you need to clean your registry out. show Review details
Very good program 5 stars by Koro_shite_yaru Mar 15, 2007 (Read all my 11 reviews)
This is very good registry cleaner software, it has not lot of features, but it does exactly what it has to do, and thats why interface is clear and its simply to use. show Review details
A very good compromise 5 stars by Fletch Jan 31, 2007 (Read all my 8 reviews)
The 2 reg cleaners I had been using ran to extremes-one was very conservative and the other overly rambunctious and choosing hordes of items, many of which were impossible to identify. Eusing is comprehensive without going overboard and has a good justification for each choice. You can also choose individual hives or targets to scan which is a great feature. The user that tried 3 apps and thought it could've been this one that threw a monkey wrench into his system more than likely should point to the last he mentioned, extremely unlikely it was this one. Would like to see a "find in registry" feature but this is an overall excellent utility that does a fine job in a controlled manner. Could we give that nagscreen at startup a rest, though? Thanks! show Review details
Cleaned too well! 3 stars by techmango Jan 26, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Removed entries of active programs. Not good. show Review details
Very useful utility 5 stars by Nicholas Jan 13, 2007 (Read all my 72 reviews)
I do not like registries. They are ugly, huge, complicated and to be honest: they scare the hell out of me. No program may touch my registry but after reading the user reviews here I decided to take the risk of cleaning. After the first scan Eusing Cleaner reported more than 1.000 errors! Then I jumped into the deep and ordered to fix them all. And that is just what it did. A reboot convinced me that Eusing FRC had done a wonderful job. This program is free, neat and fast. And more important: safe and trustworthy. Do not be afraid: Use it! show Review details
Fantastic program 5 stars by webexpressions Jan 01, 2007 (Read all my 35 reviews)
This is a fantastic program that really takes and does the job and does it well. I had taken and ran it on 2 different machines so far and was amazed with the number of errors it pulled after the first scan. It may take a few scans to fix the registry completely but well worth it. Highly recommended also is nice it allows you to take and set a restore point in XP before hand so if you need to run a restore at some point.Love it..... show Review details
Best one yet ! 5 stars by brj0269 Dec 30, 2006
Simple to use and didn't screw up my computer like the "popular brand". If your looking for a good one this is it! show Review details
Destined to be a leader in its class? 5 stars by Dragon10 Dec 10, 2006 (Read all my 43 reviews)
This proved a very pleasing application to use. v1.2 integrated with Windows 98 and found it to perform quite exceptionally. The interface is very intuitive and nicely designed. The choice for editing is comprehensive and readily identified. However, if there is a downside and find this with all programs designed for this specific purpose, while it is a real bonus to be able to 'Back-Up', I wish developers would incorporate a method for the 'User' to personally identify each back-up. I find dates, times and numbers are inadequate to recall the exact nature of the error I fixed. At least they are for me! In this instance, it is also a little bit hazy as to exactly how to execute a specific restore but this does not detract from the overall performance of the program. Finally, I express my gratitude to Eusing for donating this excellent program as 'Freeware' with the option to donate. show Review details
Problems! 2 stars by Lightway Nov 29, 2006
Eusing FRC was the first of three registry cleaners recently downloaded and used. The others are CCleaner and Advanced WindowsCare Personal V.2. When I began having trouble with MS Office '97 Suite running under XP installed on my computer, it responded that necessary registry items had been removed. Since I had used all three programs, I was unable to tell initially which was responsible, but, initially believed that it was the last one used. After some restoration, with no luck, I finally returned to the program I first used. I restored function to MS Office by restoring the first set of registry items removed by Eusing as "problems". I do not use MS Access, that may have caused the problem. But do not use this cleaner without backing up your registry, at least for the first few times, and you may want to check MS Office Suite, especially Access after you do. (The nag screen is not present on either of the other freeware programs I mentioned) show Review details
An a+++ for this program? absolutely 5 stars by Burned Nov 22, 2006
This is the best free program for cleaning and repairing the registry that I have come across in years. It's an excellent program that is fast and easy to use. It did an excellent job of solving my problem of windows explorer not wanting to shut down. My computer now shuts down with out a hitch. show Review details
Not only excellent, but also safe! 5 stars by RobertTrost Oct 28, 2006 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Eusing Registry Cleaner is not only a superb program, but it is also a very safe program that doesn't remove vital Registry entries. This, of course, is very important, for a lot of other Registry Cleaners sometimes make a mess of your Registry, virtually more or less disabling your PC. show Review details
Worth having 4 stars by flexuse Oct 27, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Well I like it. This is very effective registry cleaner. I tried and it detected 400 errors. Confused on such large numbers I emailed support and pleasant surprise, fast response. They explained me each and every error and what does it mean. so I've bought license and everything is going good. show Review details
It's almost too easy 5 stars by marcdenis Sep 29, 2006
I have only used it for a few days,but the ease of use and speed is unbelievable.So far no problems,and an increase in the speed of my window XP. The only thing I can say is try it. show Review details
Stunning program!! 5 stars by coasterdad Sep 03, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
After reading some reviews on this program. I had to see for myself. "WOW"! Very nice program. It didn't take long to install and it was fast on scanning my pc. I had over 600 invalid entries. Click the Repair button and it repaired them all. Awesome! Awesome program and on top of that. ITS FREE! I highly recommend this program to all. Who needs a great registry cleaning program. Download it! You will not be disappointed. show Review details
Excellent utility 4 stars by drfung Aug 27, 2006 (Read all my 18 reviews)
This was recommended to me, so I gave it a shot. I usually use EasyCleaner for registry maintenance because it has never "trashed" a machine on me. I have to say the Eusing product found a bit more than EasyCleaner and still has not trashed the machines I've used it on. Make sure you get the v1.1, previous version had an issue deleting some "Open With.." keys. show Review details
Excellent cleaner 4 stars by chatrage Aug 12, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
This is similar to CCleaner's built in registry cleaner, very easy to use those who are practicing targeting rockets in the Sea Of Japan must be glad their masters North of the Yalu are exporting free software to their desperate capitalist former enemy. show Review details
Not by itself but... 4 stars by pcs800 Jul 18, 2006 (Read all my 222 reviews)
This is a pretty good product, it makes a prenamed backup before cleaning what it has found to be bad registry entries. However, most people recommend you use more than one reg cleaner because they find different bad entries. I use this one, then run regsupreme, which then find a boat load of things that this one did not find. But both of them together seem to do pretty good. show Review details
Works great! 5 stars by elcangry3512 Jun 26, 2006
I just downloaded this program and I gotta, it's great for a free registry cleaner. It's actually better than some of the paid registry cleaners like RegistryFix, etc. I recommend this program is you don't wanna waste your time buying other registry cleaners :) show Review details
One of the best 5 stars by jesusimperat Jun 23, 2006 (Read all my 27 reviews)
At least a good quality software for registry ! And at least for free ! Simple to use, backup and restore features, fast and very accurate. Do more than around 20$ softs ! A perfect product you have to download NOW ! :) show Review details
Love the product, but ... 5 stars by Stonemaster Jun 23, 2006
I use w/2000 and have placed a shortcut to Drive A in my quick launch. When I run EFRC, it tries to access "A" and when there is no disk in it, EFRC will delete my quick launch shortcut. Other than this, I have found no problems and would recommend it to others. show Review details
Easy and reliable 5 stars by kebler May 10, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
I have tried many registry cleaners. Some picked up only a few errors, others picked up a large number and when I deleted them left my computer in a mess. Persuaded by the reviews here I installed Eusing - simple and quick - and within seconds it identified nearly 800 false/redundant registry entries. With some qualms, but reassured by the automatic back up facility, I decided to take a chance and delete them all. Hey presto, a cleaned-up registry, a faster machine and no residual problems whatsoever. An excellent program - and it's free! show Review details
No problems 5 stars by MarkInFtWorth Apr 16, 2006
I chanced upon this little program and was very impressed the 1st time i used it. It found 722 entries to repair. It finds even more than WinCleaner does. You can back up the registry with this tool in one click. Download it..... because i said so! show Review details
Superb little cleaner 5 stars by davyjones Apr 14, 2006 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Very fast, attractive, safe and easy to use in Windows Me even for a "dummie". Found 232 entries not picked up by JV16 free edition or Registry Mechanic 5.0. May need to be run more than once (after rebooting) to get everything and found 9 additional errors on rerun that it was unable to permanently repair. Also ran into a minor access violation error after restoring and recleaning. The "problem" description in the interface could be a little larger to enable the entire description to be read. show Review details
Second best free one so far 4 stars by alnjk01 Apr 12, 2006 (Read all my 124 reviews)
Small footprint and fast scanning. It is very nice that you can pick a section to scan. Did notice that it took multiple scans to complete? show Review details
A real treasure 5 stars by STROBE Apr 11, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have tried many registry cleaners and none of them did what they claimed.This product totaly amazed me.It got rid of 1060 entries that were still in my system after OTHER cleaners.I highly recommend this..its simple to use and risk free. No one should be afraid of THIS reg.cleaner. Go for it.!! show Review details
Worked great 5 stars by VoltageSpike Apr 08, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Worked great! Easy to use. Allows for restoring your previous settings, in case you change your mind. I recommend it. show Review details
Excellent registry cleaner 5 stars by russell Apr 08, 2006 (Read all my 3 reviews)
This program is totally idiot proof. You can not go wrong, if you decide to try this. I just used it..rebooted and it removed over 400 entries that were useless. My Pc is much Faster too. show Review details
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