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One of the best standalone address books 4 stars by pencap Jan 03, 2007
This software was one of the better programs that I have found to keep my contacts separate. I was looking for a program that wouldn't force me to open my email client or some other program in order to actually use it. This program attacks this task greatly. The usability on this program could be improved as far as a little more ease in editing certain parts of information without having to actually edit the whole record, however, this is very small in the light of things. Overall I absolutely like this program. show Review details
Hooray for contactkeeper 5 stars by Dragon10 Apr 02, 2006 (Read all my 42 reviews)
There are 'Contact Managers' and there are 'Birthday Reminder' programs, then there is 'ContactKeeper'! This program combines the two features and does an excellent job of it. I particularly like the fact that when opening the program, the contact's details remain obscured from view until a name is selected. Very useful, if you are in an environment in which you wish to be discreet. Another plus is that fields for entering contact data are 'format free'. So many other Contact Managers adhere to the US address format (ZIP Code/State) which is too restricting for European style addresses. I find the 3 Star rating 'WebAttack/SnapFiles' have given this Utility a bit harsh. Personally, I think it is more deserving of a 4 Rating. Thank you Tim for donating this excellent product as 'Freeware'. show Review details
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