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Ok, with reservations 3 stars by Skeptic May 20, 2013 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I bought this program, and have some regrets. Working at a fairly simple level within WYSIWYG Web Builder, it works at advertised, and that is all that most people will need. However, importing anything is bad news. The program claims to import HTML, and indeed it does. However once you do that, then try to publish, the headaches begin. No matter how you play with imported content, no matter what the property menu says, and no matter what it looks like within the program, imported content once republished will not retain proper positioning or much formatting. Old fashioned cut and paste (which destroys all formatting) is the only reliable way to get content into this program. A second big issue is that long CSS text blocks in the program do bad things when they are published into a website. Since my own website has been growing for 15 years and is text intensive, using WYSIWYG Web Builder to give it a modern look has become a dubious process. show Review details
Easy to learn and easy to use 5 stars by Sam_the_Man Feb 22, 2011 (Read all my 54 reviews)
I've used WYSIWYG Web Builder for several months now. During that time I've designed and uploaded three web pages with this program. I can't say enough good things about it. It's loaded with every utility you would ever need in designing a web page, plus many other features. The interface is comfortable to work in and the FTP program is a breeze to use. show Review details
Why have I not found this before? 5 stars by RRSLondon Aug 10, 2009
I thought by going to Net Objects I was getting the best I could afford. But it has proved a tricky program to use. I often felt I had to look at the help file. Finally I decided enough was enough and looked round for something better. WYSIWYG Web Builder is not just better it is stunning. It is just like a word processor - just as easy plus every sort of add on you need - look at the Lightbox for example. The product is stunning, the price is stunning. I compared it with the Sourceforge products which are free. WYSIWYG Web Builder is worth every penny of the price. Highly recommended, try it out you will be convinced. show Review details
Easy as falling off a greased log 5 stars by Granddad Jun 08, 2008
I've looked at various template based systems like Joomla and Soholaunch but I couldn't get my head around them, (I'm no rocket scientist) and I prefer to be creative and use my own graphics. I didn't like their "mass produced" results and don't have a couple of months of spare time to figure out how they work and how to make them obey me. WWB5 solves all my problems and I can see I'm not going to need a masters degree in astro physics to learn how to use it. Not only that, they have a fantastic forum and loads of tutorials for help and support! I downloaded it yesterday, played with it for a couple of hours and was so impressed I bought it this morning. For 20.81 it's a steal. show Review details
Great program - great support - great value 5 stars by PC_User Sep 29, 2007
Using WYSIWYG Web Builder version 4.3.3, I created my first web site, which showcases my landscape photography. I tried out numerous other under $60 web site development programs and found WYSIWYG Web Builder to be by far the best program considering: value for the money, ease of use, well designed user interface, and features. The program is very intelligently designed with a very nice professionally organized interface. The developers website is very well organized and offers great support. My questions posts to the support forum were always promptly answered. The developer even added a feature to the program that I requested with in a few days. New updates with additional features regularly come out. There are free extensions that enhance the program, along with numerous templates, though I built my website from the ground up using my own design. This is my first software review and I felt motivated to post it based upon the excellent quality of the software and its support. show Review details
At last I found it 5 stars by iimu__ May 06, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have tried to find web page creation software which is easy to use. I must say this is the best and it is powerful too. I never believed it could be such easy to create web pages. show Review details
Excellent web builder. very easy and powerful 5 stars by compuser Mar 13, 2007
This is the best web builder I've tried, and I've tried many! Very easy to use. Great for beginners (like me). I was ready to give up trying to build a website until I tried this program. Highly recommended! Full-featured, you can't beat this to build professional looking sites! show Review details
Best of it`s kind 5 stars by pcs800 Jan 09, 2007 (Read all my 222 reviews)
Like a lot of people, I started off using front page, then went to Namo web editor (which I still use), then decided to give this whole CSS thing a try. After trying 5 or 6 apps, this one stuck out like a bar of gold in a crap factory. I bought it and love the drag and drop positioning. No frames? who'd of ever thunk it :-) show Review details
An inexpensive and easy power tool 5 stars by mrainey Dec 18, 2006
WebBuilder is a wonderful program for beginners or experts to use for creating websites. It's easy to use, forgiving, and loaded with features. Support is the best I've ever seen. Detailed answers to questions are often answered within an hour. Bugs are fixed within a few days (there aren't many). A truly outstanding program and developer! show Review details
Exceeded all my expectations and more 5 stars by Scottie Oct 11, 2006
This software Rocks! WYSIWG Web Builder is easy to use and the features and flexibility make it well worth taking a look at. I needed a site to support a new service my company was beginning. I had played with some other web development software. I knew enough to be dangerous. When a local web designer gave us a quote for over $1,000 to develop our site I knew I needed to at least try. It is easy to learn and easy to use. WYSIWG Web Builder is a very powerful tool. The web developer proofed the site and told me he hopes others do not learn about this software or he will be out of a job. show Review details
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