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Re-do 4 stars by hrwasp Dec 12, 2006 (Read all my 48 reviews)
I once posted how this software was not up to par back in Aug 06. After another look at the product and giving it my full attention, it works! It works to the point I have purchased the package and use it on a daily basis. show Review details
Really good product, excellent support. 5 stars by CheesyPoofs Aug 21, 2006
I searched around for many different remote support tools, and not only is this the most professional looking package, it was really easy to setup, and performed as described. Their user support is really fantastic on their support forum (my questions were answered within 5 minutes typically). On top of all of this, they have quite a large user base. The one time cost (instead of monthly) was also a nice find. I am quite happy with the software, and would not hesitate to recommend it to my business partners (or you). Also, not only does this software allow you remote support, it now has remote training included, you really can't beat this package. I'm a new customer. show Review details
Great product that works well 4 stars by philby Jul 26, 2006
The RSS product is a really cool tool for carrying out remote support. Once you get your port forwarding set up, the client simply executes a small downloadable or distributable module that connects them to you in a jiffy. The RSS people are very, very helpful, and whilst evaluating the product, they answered endless questions from me, all very quickly. They have a very fair pricing policy, that is based purely on the size of your company, not the number of technicians you employ. I looked at most of the products on the market of a similar nature, and this one wins hands down. show Review details
Brilliant program !! best i found 5 stars by MainTech May 01, 2006
Looked everywhere for a good remote support tool. Couldn't be happier with RSS. The features are brilliant and the look of the program is very clean. Best on the market for non-service based remote support. Fast, stable, with features galore RSS is a great program. show Review details
I normally don't write reviews, but. . . 5 stars by xblomx Mar 14, 2006
I will definitely recommend this great piece of software to anyone in need of doing remote support. This software is simply the best piece of remote support software you can get your hands on. Its packaged with really cool and unique features, and you can even do a remote reboot into safemode. I can only say this, if your looking for state of the art software, excellent prize and great support options you should take a closer look at the RSS software suite. You definitely cant find it better anywhere else. You really hit it right on the spot there, great job RSS team, thanks from a really happy costumer. PS also thanks for the great support your offering your costumers, I have never been brushed off. Regards Mr. Blom, Denmark show Review details
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