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Great - podcast to psp 5 stars by HotShot Jan 01, 2008 (Read all my 9 reviews)
Remarkably good - very professional - just awesome!. I wanted to get podcasts, videos and music onto my PSP. PSP users only do the following. Create 3 directories C:PSP ideo, C:PSPMusic, C:PSPImages. After some learning in Ziepod you will understand the next part. a) When building a new subscription specify the download location as one of the directories above. or b) To fix up a subscription. Click on Subscription at the top. Right click on a podcast choose properties. Select Download. Select checkbox 4. Go to the bottom paste in C:PSPudio for mp3 podcasts. In MAX Media for PSP the 3 directories above will correspond with 3 tabs and things are easy. Everyone: I can't figure out if I can get any podcasts that are not on Feedzie, but the selection is as good as iTunes anyway. I can use feedback to recommend a feed. show Review details
The future of podcast management? 5 stars by Wastrel Jul 01, 2007 (Read all my 17 reviews)
It's still in beta, though likely not for much longer. It's partially based on IE, but IE does have excellent support for feeds now. Ziepod gives you an all-in-one solution for finding (tied to feedzie) and managing your podcast feeds. There are still some display quirks to be ironed out, but it's fun to use and way more helpful and complete than all of the alternatives that I've seen. The only real competition I see for it right now is Songbird, which is likely years away from offering even the partial solution for podcast management which it has planned. If you want a podcast helper app, then, for now, Ziepod is it. show Review details
Why i like ziepod 4 stars by ezyduzzit Apr 13, 2006 (Read all my 16 reviews)
It's neat to use as a stand alone application and so far has worked without any niggles. you can switch quickly from an IM style window to an explorer browser or player mode to a handy toolbar. It's easy to export opml so you can load it on your other machines. I wish it had native support for video files but heck, it's free. show Review details
Worked for a while 3 stars by VerusEx Apr 04, 2006
I liked this program until the latest update started crashing. Pro: Nice Interface and player Cons: Scheduling doesn't seem to work and cleaning old podcasts off your hard drive is awkward and time consuming. This should be done automatically show Review details
Exellent.. but still a beta 5 stars by yanbuzz Feb 14, 2006
This will probably be the best Podcast freeware ever. I'm pretty sure this will become more popular than Itune... It is less complicated, more efficient and has a pretty neat interface. It's by far one of the most interesting Podcast software on the web. One problem tough.. It crash all the time. It is still a Beta and wont run as long as Itune is in the system tray. I also can't figure out what it s but it wont start if i had GAIM running even if GAIM is closed and quit... So there are some major problem... far from being a version 1.X I can't recommend this version yet.. but i'll be monitoring the subsequent versions for sure.. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Feb 15, 2006: Thanks for your kind words. Regarding that inconvenient experience you had, please contact us and let us investigate that anomaly. It might be specific to your computer environment or might be generic. And we d like to point out that we are doing our best to make Ziepod the best and getting feedback from our users is the most important step on that road. That s why we added Feedback Dlg embedded into Ziepod so that you can easily and quickly send any feedback from inside Ziepod, without having to use email.
That's what i've been looking for! 5 stars by JackDoe Feb 08, 2006
Beats Juice by far, not to mention Bloatware like iTunes. Best podcatcher I came across until now, and I've been looking for a long time. You can use it parallel to Juice, just adapt the download folder and import your feed via OPML. Congratulations and thanks to the author! show Review details
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