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Probems with import of contacts 4 stars by Pogon99 Nov 11, 2009
I really like this program except for problems with contacts. ... import of contacts doesn't work ... and if you have over 200 contacts this creates a big problem. show Review details
Gone are the days when this app was mediocre 5 stars by pcs800 Aug 29, 2007 (Read all my 222 reviews)
I just tried this one again for the first time in two years. It is now my favorite portable email client. Extremely easy to set up accounts, calendar with reminders similar to outlook, rss feed reader (which is kind of primitive), tons of options, I even made it my default client on my laptop. Makes Thunderbird seem clunky (default client before this one took over today) though Thunderbird`s rss reader is much better. show Review details
Lightweight, potable and fast 4 stars by hreeus Jan 27, 2007 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Installed this on a USB pen drive as a portable email client and it works just fine. Setting up my pop email accounts were pretty straight forward and easy. show Review details
Looks fine, but doesn't work... 2 stars by sabbelbine Nov 22, 2005
Does not accept yahoo and t-online- adress, messages left on the serves are always checked completely (takes a lot of time), import of contacts doesn't work ... show Review details
Not ready for prime time 2 stars by ApexWebSolutions Nov 19, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
The filters available on it are wholly inadequate. All you can filter for are from-address, word in body, and the mysterious "received with." There is no auto-delete function, but only: Answer, Move, Mark as Read. Even with the language set to English, some things are still in German (what does Abbrechen mean? Schliessen?), and misspelled English (Shurtcut, Startmenu, Default-Mailclient). The tips suggest you press Strg-Del key. What is the Strg key? Ctrl? Alt? Shift? There is no way to enter the program without entering a password for one of your accounts. Koma-Mail could turn out to be useful, and the interface is pretty clean, but it's in toddler stage. I'd go with PortableThunderbird or something else, if you use Koma-Mail because it fits on a memory stick. show Review details
This is the trick... 5 stars by newsunrise Nov 18, 2005
When i first started using this sweet looking software, i was frustrated for i wasn't receiving any mails from my yahoo server. however, i changed some settings, as below: 0.click options -> options -> mail account and fill the form. 1. in the Name form, uncheck the box next to SMTP-authentication needed. (i.e. no authentication is required). 2. in the server form, uncheck the box next to Auth. POP. 3. Check the box next to leave messages on server.(its always is a good idea to do it). And now try again. see the results. show Review details
Tricky but ok 3 stars by FlatCat Oct 20, 2005 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Just loaded this program it does what it says but is quite tricky to set up. After a few attempts I finally got it the way I want. I like that you can view emails, and download their attachments, whilst still leaving them on the server. Needs a bit more work but can't beat it for price. show Review details
Good idea...but pass 2 stars by hrwasp Aug 09, 2005 (Read all my 48 reviews)
I attempted to configure the program using my default testing email account. The setup seemed pretty straight forward with the exception of the SAVE button. You have to have the Options screen FULL screen just to see the Save button. I came across that by mistake. No matter what configuration I did in Koma, it always came back with the same results..."Unauthorized access with NAME(Maybe to frequently logged in)" Mind you....I attempted to check the email 1 time and I get this message. I changed the timing, settings, and anything else that could be changed, no good. Great idea but needs some work! show Review details
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