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It's alright 3 stars by gimpguy Aug 24, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Yes, it does compress JPEG2000 files, took longer than expected for a 600 kb pic, BUT JPEG2000 is more resource intense than jpeg, but if it had batch convert, you'd be there a while. Another thing, you can't load a JPEG2000 photo into JPEG2000 compressor, it won't take it so you can't really view what you have using this either. (HINT)include a JPEG2000 viewer in this, may get a higher rating. That said, yes, Jpeg2000 has better compression, yes, it supports lossless and lossy, yes, you get a far better image with less size. The problem is, Windows does not support it. I could not get a JPEG2000 to open in Photoshop (can get a plugin however) and maybe newer PS will open it, I have an older version, or Gimp, neither recognize it. You can get things that view it, or plugins for current programs so all is not lost and I'm sure there are many ways to work with JPEG2000. I believe Irfanview supports it as do some others. Currently, until everything catches up with it, there may be little use for this program. Not sure how far back Jpeg2000 goes, I think 2001. If it hasn't caught on by now, it may never but who knows? show Review details
Excellent program. 5 stars by ianmacm Feb 04, 2006 (Read all my 174 reviews)
This works well and definitely shows that JPEG 2000 gives better results than the original JPEG system. Unfortunately most image viewers will not open JPEG 2000 files although the freeware Irfanview will. show Review details
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