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It's alright but not spectacular 3 stars by gimpguy Sep 15, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
First, it does work in Firefox but you have to simply go to the site and download the extension. I would assume a right click function locally is only for the power editor or pro version. Currently Kuso is what I use, has right click locally etc... and free but not for Firefox (dead web page no link to plugin) so was hoping Opanda would be a bit better in that area and was, (like Firefox support) but lacked in others. It's not easy finding an exif viewer that fits all needs and free. I won't pay for one, don't use it enough nor is it that important for what I do so a simple right click and view works fine, which Opanda does not do locally. You can still open the editor and view images that way. I could possibly create a right click insert for this as well but no guarantees it would work. If I had to use this constantly, I would simply purchase Opanda and be done with it as it would have much more to offer. The free version is alright but again, if you are a power user of exif applications, I don't think this free version will do much for you. show Review details
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