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Better than 4 stars! 5 stars by Curtdk Aug 27, 2010
I believe it was in year 2005 that SnapFiles gave this program only 4 stars. A lot of improvements have been done since then. Find And Run Robot (FARR) is now fully worth 5 stars; it is The Best! That is, if you can remember a part of the wanted file / application's name... any part! show Review details
The best program of this type 5 stars by Kailef Jun 14, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
FARR has more features, customization, and extensibility options than any other program of its type. Give it a shot, you will not regret it. show Review details
Indispensable software 5 stars by Tekzel Sep 07, 2006
I rely on this software every day on every computer I use regularly. I almost never click on the start button to start applications now, I use Find and Run Robot. Amazing piece of software. show Review details
Find and run robot owns desktop search 5 stars by neubrain Sep 17, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Find and Run Robot beats the pants off of other desktop search programs, including MSN, Google, and Yahoo Desktop search. This program is very fast, and has a high degree of customization regarding what files you want to search for and where to search. It does not consume hard disk space by indexing your files like other desktop search programs. Try this program out and you'll agree that it is lightning fast and probably the most useful desktop search program out there (and best of all, it's free). My best regards go out to the developers of this program. show Review details
Quickest way to find / run applications 5 stars by CarolHaynes Aug 25, 2005
If, like me, your start menu has run over multiple pages with all the bits and bobs you install this is an essential tool. Press Pause/Break Key and a simple dialog windows pops up. Type a few letters of the name of the application or file you are looking for (not necessarily the first letters) and a list of matches from a set of user defined folders appear quickly. This can include program or documents. (A set of useful predefined folders is included with the install). Double click and the application or file will be opened. Simple. Successfully found files/apps are stored in a quick access list for next time. Simple/quick to use. Don't use the start menu again, and quickly find loads of stuff lost in those pesky menus! Doesn't use the registry and no nasties. I am just a happy user. Download and make a donation today. show Review details
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