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Good program. 5 stars by trek2011965 Oct 18, 2020 (Read all my 3 reviews)
A handy app to have.I use before defrag and burning discs. I don't get errors when burning discs now. show Review details
Shut some down 3 stars by gimpguy Apr 03, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
For one, I feel this application should have a log file save. It has an issue with dwm.exe stating it doesn't exist and could not be restarted. This is (desktop windows management)so yes, it does exist. All in all, it's a good program to shut off numerous things instead of manually tackling each one. Saving the default to application datasnapshot is not a good idea however as it's a hidden directory and some users may not know where to find it. I brought it back up to view what shut off or not which is why I feel it needs a log file saver. For the most part, it is or can be handy but needs some work. show Review details
Smartclose and recording 5 stars by TheShrink Mar 09, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I use many editing and recording facilities on my computer and cannot afford to allow interruptions from other programs,for example;alarms and audible warnings from my anti spy ware. Closing down all running programs with SmartClose is so easy. I have used it hundreds of times in the last few months and have never had any technical problems with it whatsoever. Initially it may be worth noting how many start up programs you do have running and reducing those as much as possible. I run SmartClose in conjunction with CodeStuff Starter. Both programs sit nicely together, for me. show Review details
Very good, but not perfect 4 stars by Dolf01 Oct 25, 2007 (Read all my 12 reviews)
I use this program for a long time now and really appreciate its benefits before defragmentation and cleaning, however it does not close all, for a better fast result you need to use Killprocess additionally ( also not perfect ) show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Nov 04, 2007: Thank you for the positive review. Would it be possible to send me a list of programs that SmartClose fails to close? This will allow me to test them myself and to improve the closing of programs for a next version. Thanks.
Great program 5 stars by stockvc Apr 02, 2007
I love this program. Thanks! show Review details
Buggy but recommended 4 stars by JakeBlues68 Jan 01, 2007
I use SmartClose to shut down non essential programs prior to playing computer games. Sometimes it works properly on the first shot, but often, it will lock up. On several occasions I've had to shut my computer off without closing windows properly because it wouldn't let me do anything, it would just be stuck on the "snapshot" step. Other times it would finish as it should but when then it will lock up whenever I try to start the game or any other program. Sometimes when it's stuck, I can click on "cancel" and it will finish what it's doing properly. Still I recommend this program. My in game fps goes up dramatically and I experience much less lag, and this is after I've already tweaked the services and background programs. I'd say it works properly the first attempt about 60% of the time. Once or twice, it's taken 5-6 attempts to get it to properly close the background programs and services and allowed me to play. show Review details
Really great.. 5 stars by Ghost_grey Feb 02, 2006 (Read all my 56 reviews)
This is perfect for closing down apps that are not needed to run, freeing up memory for inatallating, copying, or whatever, or just killing resource hoggs i.e. windowsblinds, it makes the computer feel naked. I thought exact opposite when i first downloaded and installed i thought little app that ran in the background when i pressed it it'd close all programs, so i uninstalled it (uninstalls just fine) but then later reinstalled it, because it has its uses, anyways it did miss a few apps (hotkeys) thats the only one.. and i had too manually add my antivirus and spyware apps, and firewall not to be closed, but it comes with a restore feature for quickly opening up apps again, i've found that it can be used as a quicklaunch for programs too, before i was using a batch file which is pretty cool, a must try and it does not really need a help file, it's pretty self explanatory add programs you dont want closed, follow the steps in my opinion. give it a try. show Review details
Undecided 3 stars by 49Stinson Jan 08, 2006
The download and installation/setup were very easy however, (spec:P-III,600,WIN98)performance took a big hit after the programs were closed. I did not experiment with "un-checking" key programs that may have been required to get the performance back. The performance loss was very noticeable during selection and operation of Flight Simulator 2002. What would normally load in 10 seconds, took 90 seconds after applying the program and the frame rates decreased from 18-25 frames per second to 5-11 frames per second. Re-loading the programs was easy except it did not activate Task Scheduler, and did not display the Norton Antivirus symbol to the system tray (using the snap shot feature). Uninstallation was also very easy. show Review details
Close but no banana 4 stars by FlatCat Oct 18, 2005 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Looks very good, and quite easy to use, and seemed to close most programs and services. Unfortunately, on restart/restore not everything came up properly. My computer no longer had any sound, the volume control was there and working but no sound from speakers. A reboot fixed problem. Avast (anti-virus) on restart all the services seemed to be there (checked in task manager) but the little spinning globe in the task bar didn't come back. Spybot teatimer took ages to stop and the icon was still in task bar (was it really stopped?) ZoneAlarm didn't seem to stop at all is it supposed to? I guess you get what you pay for. show Review details
Help file needs work 4 stars by eldergnomie Aug 03, 2005
I want to start by saying that I love this program; in fact, I just recommended it to a bunch of folks on Lockergnome. I have to say, though, that I don't find it completely intuitive for a new user. There is no help file apparent, and while it is possible to figure out what comes next from the user interface, it seems to me that a naive user might be a bit at sea. That's the only area where I would fault it, as opposed to EndItAll. A small help file accessible from an obvious button would make the application darned near perfect. Rest assured that this won't stop me from recommending it heartily. (And the price is right!) show Review details
Forget "end it all" 5 stars by sandiegan92111 Jul 04, 2005 (Read all my 14 reviews)
This is a huge improvement over the only other utility of its type that I'm aware of. The system snapshot feature is key to my recommendation since it saves your having to reboot after installation, in my case a 5 minute task. Has worked flawlessly. Kudos to the developer show Review details
Great program! 5 stars by Luis19580 Jun 25, 2005 (Read all my 4 reviews)
This great little program saves time by shutting down all non-vital background programs with just a couple of clicks. It has worked perfectly for me (on two completely different computers) without any glitches at all. I highly recommend it. Thanks to the author of this program! show Review details
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