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Stand alone, no strings, overall info 4 stars by daniel1212 Jan 03, 2012 (Read all my 7 reviews)
No EULA, no added "candy," just open the zip and you can launch this and get very quick basic and easy to read overall system info, including MAC address. Toolbar offers more info, but neither memory or BIOS would work on my Sony RA840G, s also offers option like System Restore. I think AIDA32 set the standard, but it is old. Thanks. Users might want to know that if you put msinfo32 in the Run command (hit OK) then you can get lots of info. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Jan 17, 2012: Currently working on memory, BIOS and Sound adapter improvements and additional new information. Ref: msinfo32 - already new that and others. It s not about the amount it s about how it s layed out.
Can't believe it 5 stars by gimpguy Jul 28, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
This is an updated review to the author's response and normal review. I see things were promised and held to in this program. It's extremely fast, cleaner interface and just great. I couldn't believe (literally) how fast it retrieved my system information. I thought it was demo information at first until I did a double take. It was fast prior but now, wow. It is packed with information and needs no install. This is now my favorite system information program. No waiting for things to load, when I need the info, it's there! Great work and hats off to the author! show Review details
Very useful... 4 stars by radukn Feb 25, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
... especially when you feel shame when other ask you: what computer do you have? I never knew to answer the exact specification of my laptop, but this tool is really great! Now I know everything about my computer :)) show Review details
Very useful. 5 stars by ianmacm Jan 02, 2006 (Read all my 174 reviews)
This is by far the most detailed program of its type available and remarkably it is a piece of freeware. Some of the information given is for advanced users only but everyone should store the basic system information in a safe place as this would be invaluable if the computer was lost or stolen. show Review details
Did what was needed. 5 stars by oteotd Jun 25, 2005 (Read all my 50 reviews)
If you need a tool that gathers all of the basic information in one place this can do it. All of the information this collects is available through various areas of the operating system it is easier for someone that don't know where to look to get what they need. The only thing I need it for is I work at a place that has wireless internet. We sometimes deny access to certain MAC Addresses. Now when someone complains that they can not get on I can tell them to download this program that does not need installed run it tell me their MAC Address and I can tell them if and why I blocked them. Much easier than walking them through the steps to find the information through the system. show Review details
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