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Excellent, could be superb 4 stars by paul1149 Jun 19, 2009 (Read all my 13 reviews)
This is a fantastic clipboard tool. I've used a few, including pay-for, and this is the one I've stuck with. Make sure you make use of the extra tools, available via the .dlls. Though other tools do these things and more, it's very convenient having them in the main clipboard tool. Now for how this utility could be better. First, I wish it were still developed, because the extra tools should be 1) expanded, and 2) an integral part of the installation, and their configuration should be direct from the interface and a lot simpler. Second, this utility badly needs documentation, especially with English not being the author's first language. This need would be somewhat mitigated if my first suggestion were implemented. Bottom line: Thanks for a really great utility! God bless. show Review details
Perfect 5 stars by ErikDirkx Oct 08, 2008 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Easy to use, very small footprint and does everything I need. Although I don't use the viewer right now, it might come in handy. show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by JMMannion Mar 28, 2008 (Read all my 25 reviews)
I have used just about every Clipboard utility I could find, both free and shareware and I have constantly reverted to CLCL. It takes a little patience to get it setup correctly, but after that it is excellent. The .dll's which handle some of the tasks can be difficult to install, but there are web site that explain how this can be done. I have a lot of computer experience and I will have to say the .dll's are tricky. So it you are new to this, find a web site for information. It is worth every bit of your time and effort. If you need a clipboard extender, let me recommend this one to you. JM show Review details
One of the nicest clipboard programs! 5 stars by selectfreeware Apr 10, 2007
Very nice program with tons of features. I found it very intuitive and easy to use. Unlike many programs CLCL permits assigning a custom hot key combo to bring up the history/template menu. CLCL also supports grouping of clips which is a necessity. Very small program and little load on memory. Try it! show Review details
Just great 5 stars by hvedar Nov 10, 2006
Hands down, the best clipboard catcher around. show Review details
High capable, but a bit weird 4 stars by Holmes Nov 05, 2006 (Read all my 11 reviews)
I have experience with almost all freeware clipboard utilities and also with many shareware programs. I'm sure that CLCL is the most capable clipboard tool I ever seen. In the same time, this program is without any help file, almost without any readme file. For full capacity of the program additional DLL plug-ins are necessary, but there isn't any help about how to use it (utilization of plug-ins is also a bit weird). The user interface and displayed data are very disconcert for an inexperienced user, but a highly experienced user could make miracles with this tool. The user interface could be modified a lot, you could assign shortcuts to some fields or to particular internal folders or functions. Seems as a tool done by very capable coder who make this powerful tool basically for itself. Highly recommended for very experienced users, in the same time of very small interest for PC amateurs and novices. show Review details
Store, retrieve and paste code snippets 4 stars by futurecom May 08, 2006
CLCL is a classic example of how deceiving the looks may be. It is referred to as a clipboard application, but given a little patience, you can configure it for many other application. In the role of coder and also a person who is finicky about keeping the registry clean, I have configured CLCL as snippet storage. On a hitting hot key combination of my configured choice, a hierarchical menu of my stored snippets appears on top of the code editor (I love SciTE). I navigate thru the menu and and hit enter. The snippet is pasted at the cursor position. Not only this, a little window also shows me what is about to be pasted. A wonderful time saving tool for coders. I have not been able to locate any other freeware which can perform this task so elegantly. Presently I am busy configuring it for a project wise todo list. futurecom show Review details
No registry, no install, tiny and smart. cool 5 stars by Stefan109 Apr 13, 2006
CLCL is a very GOOD clipboard tool. No need to install and no registry access. show Review details
The best clipboard utility . . . 5 stars by papajoe Mar 10, 2006
I came across ClCl a few weeks ago, and it is absolutely BRILLIANT! The templates are fantastic - I can store many items in different folders and access them very quickly. No other clipboard utilities have the same ease of use, ease of display, and reliability. Despite the lack of documentation, its simplicity allows even a dummy like me to configure it within ten minutes - and that's quite something! show Review details
A excellent tool for a simple idea 4 stars by gong22715 Dec 29, 2005
Good design concept. It does the job very well. This is exactly what I have in mind that I have wanted for a long time. Thanks. show Review details
Help file and doc. - none 2 stars by hgist1234 Nov 12, 2005
Although it is a simple S/W, there is a need for documentation, especially for adding plug-ins show Review details
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