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Many years 5 stars by Scientific_Frontline Mar 25, 2020 (Read all my 25 reviews)
Been using for many years and very satisfied and always great updates of new features or improvements. Customer service always helpful and quick to respond when needed. show Review details
Top marks for advanced diary 5 stars by Dragon10 Mar 07, 2006 (Read all my 43 reviews)
AD is one of those programs that is just sooooo 'kewl' looking you just have to download it and install it to see what it looks like on your own PC! Let me tellya this is the business! A fantastic program with so many features it is amazing - just incredible! It is extremely user friendly and immediately found that I just want to utilize 'Advanced Diary' to it fullest capacity. In my experience, it integrates extremely well with MS W98 and no glitches or bugs are apparent. I commend the kind generosity of the developers in releasing this as a 'freebie' because they would be more than justified in charging for a program of this caliber. There are sufficient features to be creative and to personalize 'AD' to the Users preference. A Password feature allows diaries to be protected from prying eyes. If you are looking for this kind of utility, look no further. I highly recommend 'AD'. show Review details
What's not to like? superb [free!] software. 5 stars by ZenWarrior Feb 13, 2006 (Read all my 13 reviews)
Advanced Diary is superb. It contains features that one can find nowhere else but in similar products that cost $30 or so. This freebie is a jewel. Advanced Diary has password protection, lots of preferences, self-contained back-up, text formatting, support for multiple diaries, and the list goes on. show Review details
Lacks rtl mode of writing for hebrew ! 2 stars by Anabel-lee Nov 29, 2005 (Read all my 4 reviews)
It's A nice Calendar, especially for people who like to keep Diaries, but when it comes to writing in Hebrew - One is able to write Hebrew Text, But when it comes to add comma, semi-coma, etc. it shows all wrong, and does not write it properly at the end of the sentence, but at the beginning, only because it lacks Right to Left Mode ! It would be nice if that could be fixed ! Thank you ! show Review details
Now password protected 4 stars by Meelosh Nov 27, 2005
I saw that a previous review mentioned there was not any password protection for this program, which I personally consider important if others use/may use your computer. I downloaded the program anyway and found that there is indeed password protection. show Review details
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