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Fun to use 4 stars by gimpguy Sep 24, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I had to try this out as it seemed like a lot of fun, which it is. There are a couple of things that seem to not fill in correctly though. I created a database of 1350 images for this to use, thinking plenty of RBG options and variety, wasn't too difficult, lowered the image use to 3 per and for a standard image, this should be more than enough but it keeps using one image (out of X amount) many times (which should not be happening with the 3 per limit) taking away from the detail. I tried to tweak it but the outcome seems the same. I will keep fiddling with this until I get a desired result, or at very least, get it to quit using specific images constantly. Aside from this issue, it seems to do very well. It's fast, not too difficult to use, and FREE. The results, regardless of issues are still really cool to look at and this is definitely a keeper, just for the fun of it. I now have many images I want to try this on JUST BECAUSE. Nice work on this one. show Review details
Fototastic 5 stars by trancelot Apr 11, 2010
This app is amazing. If you need to blow up a low-res image without messing up the quality, turn it into a mosaic! It is free, it is simple, and it works very well! show Review details
One of the best! 5 stars by Bill_Racine Nov 09, 2007
I recently wanted to create mosaic picture for my in-laws wedding anniversary. Using Foto-Mosaik, I had a great picture using about 300 photos of all of their children/grandchildren. (33 people in all) - I had an awesome picture they now hang in their living room. Everyone loves looking at all of the photos to try and find themselves. show Review details
So easy to use 5 stars by Festus919 May 27, 2007
I've tried other mosaic programs, however none were as good as Foto-Mosaic. So easy to use, a `Cave Man` could use it:) The secret to creating a beautiful mosaic with the base photo being clear to see is lots of photos in the folder containing all your photos that create the mosaic. I recommend creation of a separate folder in My Documents (or wherever you want) containing copies of the photos you use. Surely no harm will come to the original photos, but why not play it safe. I normally use approximately 2000 photos which make for a nicer mosaic. Doesn't matter what photos you use, because they show up very small. You could just Search your hard drive for all jpg and bmp. You'd be amazed what you end up with. I believe you can use only jpg and bmp, but not sure? Final word, best dang mosaic program out there, bar none! show Review details
Great add on for your graphic software tools. 5 stars by cuchulainn Nov 02, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Is easy to use, quite a small for its great work, it shall give you results in no time, it does what it says. show Review details
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