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Its benefits have been surpassed 3 stars by catchmitt128 May 12, 2013
Unless you're wanting to SERIOUSLY maximize your ink savings, this program has little to offer for the price. I had the program years ago (version 1.0) and it did then, as I'm sure it does now, exactly what it says; it saves ink by making your printer use less ink when printing but still maintains very acceptable quality, though there is some sacrifice of quality. But there are two reasons it's just not a good value at all. One is that it has trouble with shared printers, and sharing a printer is very common in most homes today. Two, for just a few dollars more than what InkSaver costs, you can invest in a continuous ink system (CIS) that can cut your ink replacement costs by 75 percent or maybe more, without ANY sacrifice in quality! Of course, combining InkSaver with a CIS would gain you even more savings, but it's not really worth the price for what you get. show Review details
Does the job 5 stars by socrfan Jan 01, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This program does what it is supposed to do, it saves you ink. Most all printouts, even using the lowest settings are very good to excellent. There is no problem using third party ink. It will not harm your printer since the print heads are in the cartridge. Saying it will void the warranty is sales talk to get you to buy their brand of ink. You throw the cartridge out (better yet, recycle) and use a new one. After the initial cost is made up this program will save you money. My only gripe is trying to contact their tech support or customer service. show Review details
Serious troubles on a shared printer 2 stars by ramune Aug 11, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I installed InkSaver to my main PC to which a shared inkjet printer is connected via USB and a sub PC is also connected via LAN. Once installed, InkSaver works perfectly on the main PC. However, surprisingly, I cannot print out anymore on the sub PC regardless of the ON/OFF status of InkSaver on the main PC. Furthermore, one of the weird things is that even if I uninstalled InkSaver from the main PC, the situation has unchanged; that is, I cannot print out anything to the printer on the sub PC. It seems that InkSaver automatically, without notice to me, modifies the window system--adding new system files and modifying the registry--on the sub PC. Curiously, Software Imaging does not provide helpful information regarding this serious problem. I am expecting that this issue would be resolved in the next version 3.0. show Review details
Works as it should but not on shared printers 3 stars by geoffhazel Jun 08, 2006
Inksaver does what it says it'll do, but on shared printers, it hoses the remote computer's printer setups so you can't print to the shared printer any more. So if you like this product, only use it on non-shared printers. If you share the printer you want to use ink saver on, InkSaver is NOT RECOMMENDED. show Review details
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