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Great product if it worked 3 stars by bradford432 Feb 27, 2013
I have been using the product about a year and have finally conceded to its unreliability. If it worked it would be an awesome product. But I have found it to be very unreliable most notably in its automated jobs. Support seems to be non-existent. I have not experience any problems with launching a job manually. It however consistently aborts on the automated jobs and I can not get an answer from support regarding the problem. Also I had it syncing files with my web site at yahoo and they switched to requiring FTPS(Not SFTP) and the product does not support it. If you are looking for an automated synchronization software, I cannot at this time recommend it. show Review details
Ok for small jobs 2 stars by mkeilhofer572 Apr 15, 2012
I've been using AllwaySync for a couple years. Once it lost all my jobs and I had to spend hours rebuilding all the filters. Not good. Then it started using 1.5GB of memory and forcing tasks on my PC to be paged because I was running out of the 3.3GB available memory on my Win7 machine. Finally, it started using so much of the PC resource, Win7 would basically not be useable. I also hate their filer dialog. It's cumbersome at best. If they'd just use regular expressions it would be so much more flexible and request far fewer filter entries. I contact support of several issues but didn't get any resolution. If you want to use this product just keep in mind that it's not for those who need to synch large numbers of files. I wouldn't recommend for anything over 50K files. show Review details
Nice free auto-sync utility 5 stars by ALewis Mar 03, 2010
I wanted a cheap backup utility to save my User folder in Vista to a Toshiba external hard drive. The Toshiba drive (1TB) had some built-in software, but only scheduled for once a day backup as the minimum interval. I tried Allway Sync and was pleased that it could be set for one direction or bi-directional sync of files from any folder in Windows Explorer in just minutes. The program has many settings, but they are quick to set up. You can even change the skin design to look like Vista. I set up a folder to move files from C:Users to the backup drive, where I created the path of new folders as N:llway SyncUsers in the backup. I set the direction as one way and then had the program analyze and sync the files. This process took a few hours to move and sync 53,000 files. You get alerts for files with extra long names if they exceed the permissible length. You can go to the backup dive and open any file, just like the original. Old versions may be saved or sent to the Recycle bin show Review details
Simple and useful 5 stars by eurizon Oct 03, 2009
Very easy to use, it works exactly as you expect. Interface is good and intuitive. It' s really ok for people who need to synchronize every now and then ( so they can use the software for free...) show Review details
Mostly good, but...... 3 stars by AndrewB Nov 12, 2007
I paid for the full version to do backups to an external drive on a schedule. Annoying problem is that it won't work with files that are open. So, I need to close Outlook to backup my pst files. Most other backup apps have got around this problem. show Review details
Risky 2 stars by PyroManiac Aug 01, 2006
The company that produces this product seems to issue "upgrades" that have been poorly tested. One upgrade in March 2006 copied old files over newer ones, destroying some data. A series of upgrades in July 2006 were buggy to the point of being unusable. While I liked the elegant simplicity of this program when it worked, the fact that it often didn't work (despite the company motto), caused me to abandon it. My advice to potential users: beware this is a classic case of software fulfilling the Peter Principle. show Review details
Neat little utility 4 stars by asdesign Apr 24, 2006 (Read all my 4 reviews)
We use this program at several of our customer sites (paid for version). It works simply and reliably show Review details
Not bad, but....not really free either... 2 stars by Marksla Feb 19, 2006 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Not really Freeware, if you do use it a lot, it will disable itself telling you to buy the Pro version because you are a heavy user. i.e. on their webpage 'Allway Sync is free for moderate personal use only.' If you are a heavy user, it will stop working. Not what I'd call freeware. show Review details
Found and like 5 stars by hrwasp Jan 17, 2006 (Read all my 48 reviews)
This is exactly what I was looking for! I have a couple of USB Drives and need to ensure that they are backed up in different locations. Works like a charm! Great interface and really easy to use. show Review details
Easy, powerful and efective... 5 stars by Power02 Aug 20, 2005
One of the best Synchronization Tools out there... show Review details
Loved it! 5 stars by sonicm Aug 02, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Yep this does what I needed, I use Visual Pinball and Mame on different machines and this little box of tricks allows me to keep them all synced together. Works like a charm, some of the menus are a bit rough around the edges, but hey! its free right! show Review details
The best! 5 stars by --529-- Jul 20, 2005
NO errors, NO problems, easy to use and free... show Review details
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