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The best free viewereditor 4 stars by antoniskek94 Dec 31, 2022 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Not perfect, but overall the best free viewer/editor! show Review details
Simply the best 5 stars by Nicholas Jul 23, 2019 (Read all my 72 reviews)
I use Faststone for many years now. On a daily basis. It allways sits under my mousebutton. What more can I say? show Review details
Thee best viewer - period! 5 stars by busybusy May 07, 2018 (Read all my 257 reviews)
If there was a BEST Viewer Category then this program would Win. It is fast, has tons of options for people who like to personalize, and just works. It has all the features to assist in organizing, simple red-eye removal, slide-show, Batch image resizing, Batch image renaming, setup Favorites folders to easily jump from one location folder to another, and the list goes on. They provide a quick get started tutorial so you can start using it immediately. A lot of the functions and placement of the icons are quite intuitive along with the layout. Kudos to the authors who make this available. show Review details
Glad I tried this viewer! 5 stars by LowStrung Aug 01, 2015 (Read all my 16 reviews)
It took me a long time to finally try Faststone Image Viewer, but now I like everything about it. With its many useful features, it's more than just a viewer. The program is very easy to use, too, and the overall appearance is pleasing to the eye. Waiting for the thumbnail database to be built takes a little patience, but once that's done, all the thumbnails come up instantly as one jumps from folder to folder. FSViewer is now my default image viewer, but there's still one thing I'd like to see improved: There needs to be some way to set a preference for the UI font sizes. The main menu fonts are OK, but those in the dialogs are tiny and hard to read on the 10-inch screen of my Windows 7 netbook without squinting. Nevertheless, since this is unlikely to affect users with larger screens, it hasn't prevented me from giving Faststone Image Viewer a well-deserved 5-star rating. show Review details
Great, it lets you focus on your photos! 5 stars by skybabyblue Apr 15, 2015 (Read all my 5 reviews)
An image viewer that is a pleasure to use and lets you focus on your photos not on the program. Once set up according to your own taste (choice of skin, mouse and navigation options, etc.) you can just sit back and relax and use this everyday. Very rarely will you need to open another tool to mess with your images, but if you do need to open an image with another program you can do this right from inside Faststone using the "edit with external program" feature. I tested many other free image viewers but no others feel as solid as Faststone, solid as a rock (stone) you can say. Recent versions of Faststone image viewer are great but I still prefer the look and feel of version 2.5 the best. Give that version a try if you haven't, sometimes older is better. But either way you shouldn't be disappointed with this program. I'm an artist and a lover of photography so I have spent many long hours enjoying Faststone. show Review details
Back to great 5 stars by gimpguy Mar 04, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
After a long time review "back in 2008" I decided to update this. I was getting a lot of lag with this program when viewing images at that time, however, I've been "since 2010" using it again and it's been back to it's great self. Time to give this great freeware the 5 it deserves. show Review details
A superior all-around image viewer 5 stars by TerryP Aug 27, 2011 (Read all my 87 reviews)
A fast and friendly freeware viewer that's especially useful for working with directories containing large numbers of graphics files. Makes reviewing tasks such deleting, renaming, converting and organizing files a breeze. show Review details
Perfect for my needs 5 stars by SeSorrow Apr 10, 2011 (Read all my 29 reviews)
I do not perform much in the way of image editing or other manipulation, I just need a good viewer with a few extras. FastStone does the trick flawlessly. Works fabulous on both my PC and laptop, with little resource usage. Beautiful interface that seems very intuitive to me. show Review details
Dandy 4 stars by MrJaw69 Mar 13, 2011 (Read all my 34 reviews)
I usually use another image viewer, but I got frustrated by my 'daily driver' and decided to give Faststone a try. There's a lot to like. The interface is clean and intuitive, the features are readily accessible. However, my other software has spoiled me when it comes to file types. There isn't much that XNview can't recognize and display. FSview doesn't know, for instance, what a Gimp .xcf file is, so it pretends it doesn't exist. I wish that FSIV would at least show a marker that says "unsupported file type" or something, with a file name, to let the user know that there are other files in a folder aside from what FSIV recognizes. No software is perfect, and I really like some of FSIV's features enough that I'll keep the portable version handy. show Review details
Excellent program 5 stars by cathwhowalksalone Jan 22, 2010 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Have tried almost all of the free image viewers listed in this category and keep coming back to this one because it hits the sweet spot between ease of use and features. I just wish it did banners and cursors so I could get rid of the separate programs I use for those items! Recommended. show Review details
No fancy effects! 4 stars by R2-D2_ Nov 08, 2009 (Read all my 14 reviews)
No fancy effects, like Google Picasa. This one does the job with many options, and you can choose how it will start (windowed, full-screen or browser like). This was the only app I could found that allows me to always open image in 1:1 and use mouse scroll to really scroll the image (not zoom). show Review details
Excellent program 5 stars by bobbybeau Aug 10, 2009 (Read all my 3 reviews)
This program, as far as I'm concerned is equal or better than what's on the market. It does everything that I like, to view photos. show Review details
Powerful, efficient. easy, free... 5 stars by Persnickety Feb 26, 2009
FastStone Image Viewer instantly became one of my favorite programs. It has the features and power to do virtually everything I need to do with images but, more importantly, it is efficient and EASY to use. Since downloading this little software gem, that Adobe monster on my computer has seen little of me. Though you will not need it to accomplish most necessary tasks, it is well worth downloading and reading through the tutorial accessible under the "Help" menu. FastStone Image Viewer is definitely a keeper! show Review details
Excellent free software for raw support 5 stars by Karenshe May 30, 2008
This is one of the best freeware tools out there. It has an easy to use interface and is especially useful if you have need to handle a lot of RAW images and use Windows. Other great features include video support and ICC profile management. show Review details
A portable version is provided 5 stars by KEAndersson Apr 30, 2008 (Read all my 10 reviews)
This viewer is so very good - I regard it as indispensable. The inbuilt file renamer is a gem. There is a portable version too, downloadable from FastStone Soft. show Review details
Ok for most, i guess - but not me 2 stars by indutch Feb 10, 2008 (Read all my 5 reviews)
On my system, at least, I have found FastStone to be very sluggish and clunky. According to its SnapFiles score it obviously works for many others but . . . not for me. show Review details
The greatest... 5 stars by mor_mor_mor Oct 03, 2007
This program has beautiful interface and it is almost perfect. Almost because all those people who always want something more. I think it is the best. I use this on my desktop computer and FastStone MaxView on my laptop (It is small and it has basic options). I highly recommend it! show Review details
One of the best 5 stars by Builder Sep 26, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
The FastStone image viewer is one of the best if not the best freeware image viewers available. I have just completed testing all free viewers that I could find and a number of shareware ones as well. I found this viewer to be the best of all for our purpose. It hasn't blow up or created problems on any of our thin clients or PCs. It is compact and does what it says it can do. Which more than I can say about XnView and IrfanView and many others. Not to many bells and whistles but a solid performer that fits on thin clients. If FS would add IBMs IOCA formats and page segments to their list, then it would be a very viable alternative for IBM midrange and mainframe customers. And that's a whole lot of users.. show Review details
Best in class 5 stars by mikemac4344 Jun 07, 2007 (Read all my 6 reviews)
First, this is semi-freeware. After several months it'll pop up a screen asking if you want to donate any amount. You have the option of declining (but shouldn't). The program is slightly slow when loading a directory with hundreds of photos. You get not only a nice thumbnail but quick stats and a bigger preview when you click or arrow to the pic. Drag and drop to maintain your album. Press Enter or double-click a pic and you get into the real power--spend some time exploring. Press 2 for double size. 3 for triple size. Move your cursor to each edge of the screen for menus of things you can do. The crop and resize tools are sensational. Other effects are mostly very good to superb. Red-eye removal was okay. I wish some of the effects were on a right-mouse click but at least there are keyboard shortcuts. The more I use this program, the more I love it. show Review details
Could be excellent program... 4 stars by incubus Jun 04, 2007
... but there are a few very annoying bugs, I've reported them a long time ago however developers didn't bother neither to fix them nor reply to me. I love interface of FastStone, however one of those bugs (FastStone is unable to display into Pentax RAW files embedded JPEG images) is a showstopper for me :( Another annoying bug is very poor serialization of image viewing. Go to folder containing a lot of large JPEG files, even better RAW files and then quickly press Page Down for, let's say, 10 times. Now sit back and relax while FS loads images one by one instead of just jumping straight to eleventh image... Otherwise FS is very nice program and I can easily recommend to anyone who doesn't want to view JPEGs ebmedded into RAW files. show Review details
No quicktime thumbnails 4 stars by rogerrabbit Mar 15, 2007 (Read all my 19 reviews)
Lovely interface, and generally excellent, but in the end it didn't do it for me as it doesn't preview QuickTime movie files from digital cameras. The equally free XnView does, so I use that instead. show Review details
One of the very best 5 stars by achevyman Jan 04, 2007 (Read all my 7 reviews)
This image viewer is one of the very best. The design team should be giving themselves slaps on the back. Many kudos and thanks for making this viewer available for everyone by making it free. I gave it an A+ and would give it a AA++ if I could. show Review details
Solid program 5 stars by LyonessKim Nov 13, 2006 (Read all my 9 reviews)
Great program; I prefer it over the other industry standard; has a very attractive interface and views most file formats. show Review details
2 missing features 4 stars by cenigma13 Sep 06, 2006 (Read all my 3 reviews)
1. eats lots of memory: takes around 400MB of memory when the directory with around 2000 images opened. 2. when moving the file to another folder, it should show the destination image (if it exists) and allow options like : rename file if destination image exists, skip if destination image identical.. overall, a great product show Review details
Great product 5 stars by mropinion Aug 16, 2006
Great program easy to use got to get this one show Review details
I fully agree with talossos 5 stars by RobertTrost Aug 09, 2006 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Talossos is quite right. I tested the FastStone Image Viewer/Xplorer2 combination and indeed found it to be ideal and very practical! ... show Review details
Use this combo: xplorer2 + fsiv 5 stars by Talossos Aug 04, 2006
Actually the best thing you can do is to work with the following two freeware programs together: xplorer2 and Faststone Image Viewer (FSIV). The interface of these two programs are quite similar (for browsing files) However FSIV can only show image files and will not show anything not related to image files, while xplorer2 will show EVERYTHING, all kinds of files and has a little preview screen in the lower left corner just like FSIV, what I really like is that you can do mirror browsing (which is great!) etc etc. xplorer2 has a sleek interface and has a very small footprint! Use it for a while and you are addicted. Now use xplorer2 for file browsing, and let FSIV be associated with all image extensions. So when you find an image file with xplorer2, just click on it and FSIV will open it. It works great, cause both programs are fast and light on resources. Just try it out! Let me know what you think afterwards! show Review details
Faststone viewer rates an a+ 5 stars by jcoston May 31, 2006 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I've used a lot of Image viewers through the years and I can honestly say FastStone Viewer rates extremely high! Judging by the 40+ reviews for this software, I'm not alone. If you want a a solid,feature rich, well thought out Thumbnail / Image viewer - look no further! Bravo!! show Review details
My search stopped here 5 stars by rkoyle May 31, 2006 (Read all my 12 reviews)
This is just an amazing piece of software. Can not believe it is free. Loaded with advanced features. The interface is outstanding and one of the most intuitive I've seen in years. Features available while in full screen mode are awesome. I also think the screen capture is better than most. Really a fun application. show Review details
More than just a viewer! 5 stars by MustTryHarder May 25, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Very sophisticated package for the price ;-) - and so easy to use. Does much more than it says on the tin. Many thanks FastStone. show Review details
Most valuable freeware program out there! 5 stars by TaBaScO Apr 18, 2006 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I've been using FastStone for a year now. Over the years I've used many other image viewers including Irfanview, ACDSee, ThumbsPlus, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, and more.... FastStone blows all of them away. It has a great interface, great tools, it's fast, and the full screen mode is incredibly helpful. I have it associated with all of my image files, and I have it setup to open Photoshop when I need to do more advanced editing. With FastStone's feature set I find that I can do 90% of my image editing without having to even open Photoshop. I've also been impressed how the author is always adding new (and often very handy) features. Due to this it's definitely a program where you want to check for new versions often. I've installed FastStone on several of my friends and families computers, and all of them love it. In my opinion, no PC is complete without FastStone installed. It's absolutely indispensable. show Review details
Great companion 5 stars by ArturN Mar 31, 2006 (Read all my 19 reviews)
I am a photographer and work a lot with images. Besides my main "digital dark room" programs - Gimp and Photompact - FSIV is a great image browser with an excellent array of features that in some cases, it is not worth to open the other two, as I can make the small adjustments with FSIV with very good results Great freeware program, no doubt. show Review details
Excellent for common image files 4 stars by photokt Mar 24, 2006
I was enjoying to use this program for many months to view and sort images. However every time I brows large size of images in TIFF, PDF, PSD or JPG in folders containing more than 20 images, it takes more much too long time to open compare to other programs. If the images are in regular JPG, the program is excellent in browsing and lightly editing files. I recommended this program to friends and they all like it. show Review details
More than 2 thumbs 5 stars by ice_magistrate Mar 14, 2006 (Read all my 14 reviews)
One of the greatest browsers out there. my first thought about the product was it can just view image files but i got sold when what i really needed was a viewer not like other viewers out there than can play every little thing no matter how large that file is, so with my work (computer graphics artist) i handle tons of images everyday and the hassle of viewing just the images amidst the flotsam of files is a must! hope they just fixed the drag and drop feature in the same window. but even without it it's keeper..i always carry a portable version of it on my usb key chain. show Review details
Best app 5 stars by wildcatman Mar 14, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Very good software easy to use Just get it. show Review details
Throwing rocks? 5 stars by rjafha Feb 21, 2006 (Read all my 10 reviews)
I wish I could Throw Rocks this FAR! This should be called Neutron Deliverey! Open just about any thing with this program and FASTSTONE Opens it NOW!! Plus there is all the cool easy features to use.Convert files,Import programs, etc., But where is the watermark feature? ANYWAYS JUST GET IT!! show Review details
Extremely useful program! 5 stars by jammer Feb 07, 2006
Rarely do you find a program that offers this much quality in freeware. I use it everyday to manage pictures for my online business. It does everything I need. Is better than many commercial programs I've seen. The interface is high quality and very intuitive and friendly to use. Editing, effects, resizing, compression, batch processing,'s all here. You can even specify an external photo editor if you have some special editing needs that by chance FastStone won't deliver (although I can't think of many). Then all you have to do is click on the external editor and you're right there. This is one download I know you'll not regret. And it's free! No expiration or annoying ads, etc. I love it! show Review details
Excellent replacement for acdsee 5 stars by Ghost_ARCHER Jan 25, 2006 (Read all my 10 reviews)
This is an excellent software. However, I think following change might be helpful for use. 1. The preview area can be put in different location. 2. Remember what option I used for display -- detail, thumbnail or brief. 3. Make combine image possible, e.g., put 4 images into a 2*2 array and save as a new file so that I don't need other software to print photos. 4. Right the program start slower than [..] 3, especially after new installation. 5. Is that possible to find similar images in many folders? sometimes I changed the resolution or cropped the image and put into other place. Later on they are useless and it just take time to find them. 6. Is that more reasonable to use 1 as lossless conversion from any format to jp2? Right now it shows 10 and in the box it says 1000. A little confusing. 7. And if there is a preview for conversion it will be great. Anyway, this are just minors. I am glad I can uninstall the [..] now and enjoy the jp2 format. show Review details
Great application, less than optimal renderin 4 stars by Lithyum Dec 21, 2005
It is a great application with an excellent user interface. It has space for improvement, nevertheless it does well what it claims. The image rendering is not optimal which is the major downside of it. It has however a smooth option that takes the image and re-renders it to smooth hard edges result of the image resize to screen. This smooth process always occurs _after_ the image has been fully loaded and displayed, which is, IMO, a bad thing. It should pre-load next and previous images and only show the image _after_ loaded and "smoothed". Other than that the application is extremely easy to use and with good performances. Oh, and of course is free! show Review details
It's number one for viewers - simply the best 5 stars by Anabel-lee Dec 04, 2005 (Read all my 4 reviews)
The best Image Viewer I have ever encountered ! Keep up with the excellent Job ! show Review details
Great utilitarian picture viewer!!! 5 stars by yanike Dec 01, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Finally! Finally! Finally! A program that does what I need. This is a great program for setting Desktop Wallpaper, Resizing, and more. I love the full screen mode. Nothing but the picture and right clicking for redacts. Great work!!! Best "Program Viewer" out there! PERIOD. show Review details
Image viewer surpasses the others 5 stars by turner Oct 24, 2005
For the past 12 mths I have seen this program grow with the most useful functions - It is a real pleasure to use - Batch Sort-Rename-Reshape-Convert-Watermarks-Compare four Images on the screen. The features are many and are easy to use. It is far superior to [..] and many others. Ability to access all features by moving the mouse. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to View and sort their image collection and/or Photos from their Digital Camera. I particularly like the precise use of Cropping Batch Rename, Reshape, and Move to specified folder and the ease of transferring any Image to a Graphics program of my choice, make changes and then return to FastStone. An excellent program -Tim show Review details
Prog doesn't make exif comments 4 stars by Ronbur Oct 24, 2005 (Read all my 19 reviews)
Agree,it's a really nice viewer,one of the best.Very comfortable to use Full Screen with popup menus,where you can jump to any picture you like and see all properties without leaving Full Screen. Modern look with several skins. But unfortunately it's missing an important (at least for me) feature: EXIF Comments. It can write only JPEG (Image) Comments but this type of comments are not readable by most other Progs. If you use only Faststone,it doesn't matter,but if you want to open the same image (with JPG comments already there) using, say, cam2pc, comments column will be empty. Strange enough that such a good Prog lacks it as all others [..] have. show Review details
A must-have 5 stars by shatterstar Oct 01, 2005 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I have FastStone Image Viewer set as my default image viewing program. In that way it works just like Windows' default Image and Fax Viewer application, but FastStone is SO much more powerful. One of my favorite features about FastStone is its batch resizing/renaming capabilities. For the beginner, FastStone's explorer interface may be a little confusing at first but it's easy to get used to. FastStone allows basic photo editing like red-eye reduction and sepia. For advanced picture editing I switch from FastStone to PhotoFiltre (also available here at SnapFiles). This program really is a must-have for every digital photographer, blogger, and web designer. show Review details
Amazing! free but not lacking! 5 stars by campfire Sep 14, 2005
This is my first time writing a review...I am so impressed with the painless operation and features. I own Ulead Video Studio and used to use it for slide shows, but now FastStone beats it hands down. Best image organizer by far. Used Picasa2 and this even beats that. Great work! show Review details
Great! 5 stars by MrCul1 Sep 13, 2005
Because my English ain't so good, it is quite hard for me to find so much good words I'd like to say about FastStone. You can think as much as You know, and all these are true in my opinion. My ACDSee is gone forever. Thanks for a great app. show Review details
Really excellent 5 stars by Dennis1 Aug 28, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I've been using it a while now and every update just seems to improve it,I think it's the best editor I've ever used. show Review details
The end of my search 5 stars by ncphotoman Aug 04, 2005
For quite some time I've been wanting a way to compare similar images side by side while doing my initial edit after downloading from my memory cards. I decided to try the FastStone Image Viewer for that feature alone, and I was pleasantly surprised how much more it could do! I try out a lot of freeware programs, but usually end up keeping very few of them. This one is definitely a keeper! show Review details
Step aside... 5 stars by Nahteedred Jun 22, 2005
Step aside Paintshop Pro, you have just become my backup photo editor! This little piece of software is excellent. The ease of use and the amount of options are just the right amount for me, so far i like everything about it. Especially the fact that it's small and open/loads WAY faster than Paintshop. Smart choice if you're looking for an excellent FREE photo editor! show Review details
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