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Details details details 4 stars by gimpguy Aug 12, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
So often I have worked with or watched numerous video files, knowing some won't work for different reasons, mainly editing, even with the same extension as others. Now, I know why. 2 AVI files, yet different in nature, couldn't say I knew this prior. Very informative and definitely a keeper. The only issue I have is the list export, doesn't display well and the .csv files are all jumbled. Using MS Office 2007, so not really old. Aside from that, I'm very happy with it. show Review details
Nice little program 3 stars by Braulio Feb 13, 2010 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Even if you have a good codec pack, sometimes you get only audio and no video (happens often on .avi files). This program will help you to identify the missing codec. Been using it for about 2 years or maybe more. Recommended. show Review details
Very useful tool 5 stars by DHirst Aug 29, 2006
AVICodec is one of those programs you cant really do without when you watch movie clips from all over the net. The amount of times I have had video files that I could not play because of missing audio or video codecs is quite a lot. Using Google to search for codecs was a headache as 1. You have to pay on some sites download codecs or 2. sites required you to register to download files only to spam you later. This program makes it even easier for a novice because you are not overwhelmed with the sheer number of different versions or variations your just pointed to what works. Grade A program! Easy to use and Free. show Review details
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