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Not recommended you can do better. 1 stars by darkocean Nov 30, 2016 (Read all my 36 reviews)
1. It won't allow you the simple thing of updating the program without paying for it. 2. It's scan took over thirty minutes, and when it was done didn't find anything; that's a good thing as at least it didn't give me false positives. 3. This reminds me too much of AVG. I hate AVG now what with all it's upgrade nags, heavy load on the memory and slowing everything way down. 4. On the plus side after running the uninstaller I looked in regedit and got rid of the "left overs". It only a few compared to the HELL of trying to get AVG out, So at least it's an easy remove. 5. I like it when an Anti Virus is completely free from the get-go, if it proves it self over a month I keep it that's how it was with AVG until they got money hungry. So ya, I advise staying away from this program as it looks like it's going down that road now too. In the past I don't remember it not letting users update, this isn't a good sign. 6. I suspect the highly positive reviews to be bought ones or sock puppet accounts. BEWARE. show Review details
A couple things I don't like 2 stars by JeremyJ621 Dec 14, 2010
There are a couple things I don't like about Kaspersky: 1) it's constantly scanning all files on the computer, and 2) it's constantly checking for updates (several times per day). All this activity running in the background can lead to inturruptions or crashes with active programs (especially games or full-screen programs). The user interface isn't very user-friendly or easy to navigate through. Another problem I've noticed is that some normal programs (particularly games) are mistakenly identified as a threat by Kaspersky and not allowed to run. The user then has to navigate to the detected threats in the Reports menu, right-click on the program perceived as a threat, and choose to exclude as a threat. My final advice: don't use Kaspersky (it's a hassle and a headache). Norton and CA Anti-Virus are much better programs. show Review details
Surprise surprise 5 stars by ruthless Jan 18, 2008 (Read all my 39 reviews)
I have been using security software for ten years..with varying degrees of success am now on vista ..so my options are less and I was having trouble finding a firewall that would work.. having tried four that wouldnt load I downloaded this more in hope than expectation..to my amazement it loaded fine..and has so far in three days blocked three trojans from seemingly innocent websites..stopped two virus's in emails ..it uses few resources even when scanning..and doesnt slow me down at all..programs like this are hard to find..and so far it goes into my top thee security programs of all time..and when the trial is over I will have no qualms about parting with the money that they are asking for it...what price peace of mind?? highly recommend this one... show Review details
I'm thinking of using it on all our computers 4 stars by kol2008 Jan 06, 2008 (Read all my 14 reviews)
I have used a newer version of this software purchased in Russia on my most recent trip there with one of my laptops. It's probably one of the best firewalls out there now, has seen marked improvement as new versions come out. show Review details
Very good 5 stars by Castor_T Oct 12, 2006 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Kaspersky has very high detecting speed comparing to the other anti-virus programs. Also it can protect your system much better then other antivirus software. For instance Kaspersky looks into compressed files and finds the viruses other software don't. It isn't surprising that Kaspersky offers most forehanded upgrades for their users because often Kaspersky Lab. is the first to report new malware. For everybody who wants to keep their system clear. show Review details
New kaspersky av 6.0 5 stars by DeNisCoO Aug 09, 2006
I'm using KAV for 7 years, the bigger default WAS the scanning speed, it WAS impossible to do something else during the scan. With the last version (6.0) they have solved it. It was, and it is always the best A.V. I have ever used, comparing to Norton (inefficient), McAfee (less efficient), Panda (experience of bugs on several computers) or AVG (less efficient), BitDefender (too big)... 200 000 files, scanned in 1h on my old pentium III 866MHz, 640Mo, and I was able to browse and run other programs in parallel, good job Kaspersky... show Review details
Best antivirus tool! 4 stars by manganificent Feb 15, 2006 (Read all my 8 reviews)
I have been a user of Norton and McAfee antivirus but they were both too bulky and unstable. I'm glad the interface improved a lot since the old versions. This program is very stable and effective! It managed to remove viruses that McAfee couldn't. Together with the firewall you'll have all you need for optimal protection. show Review details
Forget the rest 5 stars by pcparanoia Jan 31, 2006
Kaspersky AntiVirus and AntiHacker. You won't know why these two are the best until they've been running on your pc for a few weeks. You will notice how quiet it seems. You may care to run Adaware just out of curiosity, and be surprised to find no spyware, as I have been. I only do it for amusement now. You find yourself forgetting about possible virus infections completely. Yes, it really is that good and no, I do not work for them. Credit where it's due. show Review details
The best anti virus 5 stars by Albert_Sakaj Jan 16, 2006
Hi from Albania. Kaspersky is the best antivirus and i love it. When i was in Albania some friends told me to use NAV, MCAffe, etc, but i decide to use KAV, and I have about 2 years that I use KAV. I'm very protected with Kaspersky and never....headache. show Review details
I love it! 5 stars by morana Jan 12, 2006
Its interface is perfect. It is simple. What is more important it is excellent protection. show Review details
The best antivirus available 5 stars by RegistryMaster Dec 06, 2005 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Definitely the best antivirus. It speaks for itself. It is capable of processing the largest numbers of archives of all av programs. Scanning does take longer than Nod32 but it scans most thoroughly. show Review details
Simply best 4 stars by behind_uor_shadow Aug 17, 2005
It's virus detection power is great. but it is too slow while scnning. show Review details
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