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Great 5 stars by derwydd Nov 22, 2011
More than I expected. It's free and always obeys to your wishes - even better than your dog! show Review details
Great work 5 stars by NothinsEasy Dec 14, 2008 (Read all my 7 reviews)
This is a really good piece of work. "Author, Author"! The description does not mention direct access to your computer's scanner which I feel is a super feature. show Review details
I found it to be an excellent program 4 stars by Lessthan Nov 19, 2007
I think the other revue was rather harsh, yes at first I was lost in the interface but then we all usually are lost in new programs. Once I got into it perhaps after half an hour of struggling. I can understand the other point he made about importing pics. I only found the three little dots that are used for browsing for a picture by accident. As for 'numerous' other things wrong', the only thing that had me scratching my head was the margin on the back cover which was slightly out but that was soon fixed in the 'page setup menu'. I told a friend of mine about this program, he is very new to computing, but after downloading the program it didn't take him long to produce excellent covers for his collection after a little help over MSN. Would I recommend it? Absolutely yes! Once you get into it, it is easy-peesy. show Review details
Not user freindly 2 stars by djdrwho Jul 21, 2006
This program is nice, but it lacks instructions on how to do most everything once you have created your cover. I could not find how to import anything such as pictures once the cover was created. There are other things wrong, but too numerous to mention in this short space. I would not recommend this product at this time. show Review details
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