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Nice viewer 4 stars by gimpguy Aug 29, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Shows more Exif data than most anything I've used, however, it will NOT attempt .png which for me, (bites). I have many of my pictures in .png format. Still gets a 4 for a great viewer. show Review details
Nice portable feature 4 stars by zero_studio Jun 22, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
i have other viewers .. but this is much better. having said that there`s a lot of info blanked out for my camera. Normal stuff like EXP and F-stop Shutter can be found in lots of programs. this is useful even at a later date for checking your pictures against maybe a new camera .. as the data stores the camera name date etc etc. About this program though .. a lot of the data is missing. It may be my camera is not registering it .. eg. sharpness and saturation were blank.? When making tweaks to you pictures .. its nice to be able to investigate them at a later date in a better environment. A viewer on the camera is not the best way to check your pictures. The program is portable which i like. The interface is no problem either .. as a thumbnail is adequate .. maybe it could be a little larger .. and you can scroll thru the pictures using the arrow keys at the top. Some viewers you have to go thru menus to view the EXIF .. so that makes this program faster than most show Review details
Good little program 4 stars by moregon Feb 19, 2007
As the previous reviewer pointed out, this little program gives a lot of information in regards to your camera settings when you view the Exif information from pictures taken with your camera. If you take a picture and something is wrong with it, the information saved in the Exif can give you information you need to set up your camera differently on a similar shot in the future for better results. The reviewer also remarked that it could be used in investigations. My primary use for this program is to determine if a picture has been tampered with, such as with an editing program like Photo Shop, or if it's an original unedited format. No problem for this program to clearly define which are original and which are not. show Review details
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