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Great, with one exception 4 stars by asdfkasd Aug 07, 2007
This is a great little addin for Outlook. My only gripe is that it sends suspected spam to a "Junk Suspects" folder, and when you confirm that an item is indeed junk, it then sends it to the "Junk Mail" folder instead of the "Deleted Items" folder. So then you have to delete it after that. Very, very stupid programming, seeing as how the end result is that dealing with Spambayes' suspected spam is actually MORE work than not having a spam filter at all. Other than that, it's a great little app. show Review details
Worked ok, but... 3 stars by Shaggy Dec 25, 2006 (Read all my 15 reviews)
I found SpamBayes to be decent at identifying spam, although the success rate was not nearly as high as a proxy-type spam filter that I tested previously. I didn't care for its system of putting some items in a "spam" folder and others in a "suspected spam" folder. I would have preferred that it all go to the same place, but this is configurable. Getting SpamBayes to work like other anti-spam products (intuitively), I found to be a very tricky proposition. I contacted their support for assistance. They responded promptly, but I thought they were more defensive about their spam categorizing philosophy than they were helpful at getting it to work the way I wanted. When I uninstalled, it had some leftovers, namely the SpamBayes toolbar was still available in Outlook. Although useless now, I can't make it go away permanently. Maybe the authors expect that nobody will ever uninstall this product. Anyway, SpamBayes is certainly worth a try. show Review details
It's very clever program. once we settle ... 5 stars by Willy_Widyanto Nov 11, 2006
It's very clever program. Once we settled up, the rest will be done by this software. show Review details
This program is great!! 5 stars by Laszlo Sep 13, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I really like the way this program is built. I was able to make it work in my unusual settings where another spam filter failed and deleted my messages. SpamBayes is safe, it does not delete messages just marks them and lets the e-mail program sort it, or delete it. It's a much safer setup. Also it was easy to set up, good documentation. show Review details
Bye bye mcafee and symantec...hello spambaye! 5 stars by RegisteredUser Jun 02, 2006
We use Exchange in conjunction with enterprise level Antispam. I've tried numerous ways and the spam box numbers are still increasing exponentially making human intervention tedious. As well, false positives were getting too high. I've test run SpamBaye on the Spam box with a dedicated PC--solely just for Spam box. I've used our huge load of spams in the archive, about 1,000,000 worth of spams and 2,000,000 worth of good ones for training--which I knew would come in handy some day at a cost of our HD space on our raids. Trained it and let it run for well over 3 months now. Absolutely loved it. Makes my work as IT admin a WHOLE lot easier in sorting out false positives from the spams. Now if only SpamBaye would be available for Exchange Server 2003. For now, the only downside is it operates at a client level. show Review details
Mostly great, but no way to permit users 4 stars by erich666 Mar 27, 2006
I've used this utility at work for two years now, it's the best free one I know. That said, I wish there was a way to permit various users' emails, always. I will often send myself short notes, "print out the article", "download this utility URL", etc., as reminders for the next day. I find it almost always categorizes emails from my home to my work to be spam. If I don't remember to look through the spam collection, I don't see the email. The justification for not having this feature is that spammers could use my email address to sneak in. However, I would appreciate the program letting me have the option to decide if the risks outweigh the benefits (in my case, they do). Right now, after a few years of manual training, it still has not learned that messages from home are not spam. Otherwise, a good program. show Review details
Catches 99% of my spam 5 stars by tarzanna Dec 26, 2005 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Have been using this program for about two weeks now. After organizing my mail folders in order to "teach" the program how to differentiate between good and bad mail - this program has been incredibly reliable in filtering out my high flow of spam. Very few mistakes since I've configured it (before configuration, or rather, out of the box, it flagged almost everything as spam). I'm very impressed with this program, especially given that it is freeware. Highly recommend. show Review details
Looking for the norton anti-spam replacement? 5 stars by 00inxs00 Dec 06, 2005
I have been looking for the Norton Anti-Spam replacement (Norton has good features but is a resource hog/buggy) This is exactly what I was looking for... Thank You show Review details
Very effective, very reliable 5 stars by rkoyle Nov 30, 2005 (Read all my 12 reviews)
This is an excellent spam blocking tool. I've been using it 2 years now and have absolutely zero problems in the last year. This tool efficiently blocks around 200-300 spams a week, and leaves me with an average of 5 suspects weekly that I need to check. So easy to use, fully integrated into Outlook. Highly recommended. show Review details
Tried and tested 5 stars by jireland Nov 28, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have been testing this product for about 6 months. I receive on average 10 Spam emails per day. I am using Outlook on an exchange/server network. I have had no problems at all and it is very easy to set-up. After downloading your emails, the SpamBayes program processes your emails. At first it will move all emails to a 'suspect' folder and from here you decide if it is Spam or not. The program learns from this and you therefore have to deal with fewer suspects. This program is much better than the Outlook rules wizard because the Spammers use foreign dictionaries to swerve the filters. It now filters all of my emails perfectly, saving me having to trawl through Viagra adverts every morning. I highly recommend downloading and trying this program. show Review details
Fight back 5 stars by MarkCEO Sep 01, 2005
Great add-in for MS Outlook. I used my Inbox and Deleted Items folders to train SpamBayes on differentiating spam from ham, and it started making surprisingly good decisions right away. show Review details
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