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Short length of recordings! 3 stars by jolby57211 Aug 11, 2012
When your listening you notice repeat sounds that you hear at regular intervals take rain on a tin roof you can hear the same sequence after 5 seconds and I have also found the same on others so this does tend to take the gloss of a fine product!! show Review details
Sounds like a winner! 5 stars by gimpguy Aug 28, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Yep, gave this one a try and I love it. I like the rain or thunder sounds, very relaxing. Campfire is nice too. These are just my preferences though, not that the other sounds are bad, they are all excellent. Looking forward to a video version where you can watch looping-realistic moving backgrounds while listening. I would pay for that in a heart beat. Awesome app. show Review details
Love it! 5 stars by waterskater Feb 11, 2007
I downloaded the free version a week ago and I'm already quite attached to this program. I fall asleep now to the sound of a beachside campfire and with the help of a separate freeware alarm clock, I wake up to a chorus of birdsong. show Review details
Very good 5 stars by alnjk01 Feb 24, 2006 (Read all my 124 reviews)
I have used this version and the deluxe. Actually I prefer this over the deluxe. Great sounds in both, very realistic. Super flexibility with countless controls. Uses about one third of the system resources as the deluxe version. Very stable. show Review details
Excellent program 5 stars by duddykravitz Sep 25, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This is an excellent program. I loved the free version and upgraded to the pro version without problems. I use the program to block out background noise from the street and noisy neighbors. Using the program allows me to concentrate quickly. I highly recommend the program to anyone who has trouble concentrating on their work (homework, too!) because of noise. show Review details
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