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Swiffrec is crazy to make this free :-) 5 stars by JURYCOM Jan 20, 2006 (Read all my 40 reviews)
This program is great. I truly can't believe it is not charged for. TRUE: I spent about a hundred bucks for a program from Australia that does nothing more than give a few extra buttons. First, the instructions are so simple you can make a great swf file while sleeping. :-) Second, the program makes a wav file that you can check before going to the swf stage. Third, then the program makes your swf file, html page and you're finished except for posting to your website. If you already have a wav file this little hummer lets you drag it on to the GUI to start the process (cool). The author used two GNU programs (including LAME) so the quality of the swf recording is almost IDENTICAL to the wav yet it is only 8% of the size of the wav file. SUGGESTION: Put in (a) an option for a couple buttons and a slider and maybe color selection; and (b) charge a fair price for this, say about $20.00. Anyway, thanks Snapfiles for bringing us another jewel. show Review details
Simple interface...and....it works great! 5 stars by Myykk1 Nov 03, 2005
Great little program. Hats off to the programmers. It does what it says. No ability to tweak anything, except file size by way of the quality slider, but...so what! It does what it says and that enough for me. Especially for a FREE program. Enough said. Download and enjoy!! Myykk show Review details
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