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Tried them all - this is thebest! 5 stars by zeeLaz Dec 09, 2006 (Read all my 20 reviews)
Decided to post my review after reading the review of BagLady. Why ? Because I too started using Kirby Alarm just a couple of days ago. As a matter of fact I installed it a year ago, but never used it. Was hard to switch from one I was using for many years. the other one was good too, but not as good as KirbyAlarm. And I also tried so many of them, and decided to stick with the one I had for some years. But when I installed it and started exploring the endless options, I knew this is it. The features and options for alarms are as many as they could be. Just about every option for the alarm you can think of, is there. You can even set the alarms/reminders not to go between certain hours! Not many Reminder and Alarms have this. Plus more and more... It's also light on resources. It's the very best! show Review details
Kirby alarm is excellent!! 5 stars by BagLady Dec 04, 2006 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I posted a review last night, but wanted to update my opinion today. I couldn't get past the registration when I first downloaded the program, so I couldn't properly evaluate the product last night. However, the software author e-mailed instructions for registering and after getting it registered, all I have is praise for the software and the author of it. This is the very BEST reminder with alarms program I've ever tried, and I have tried so many until I was about to give up! I am very thankful to the author/writer of this little program, and now I'm through looking. I've finally found the perfect little program for my needs. I was sort of thinking of trying the Pro version, but because this free version seems to be all that I need, I may just go with keeping the free version only and give the author a donation instead. THANKS, Ian Cook, for such a wonderfully useful program. It is a godsend for me! show Review details
Nice reminder program 5 stars by OldTechie47 Feb 19, 2006 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I had not tried any kind of scheduler before. I'm sure I have not used all of the features available. I simply needed a way to throw up a post-it onto my screen to remind me to make phone calls etc. at certain times. It works great. And the price is right! I am about to try his Beta version, which the author says is much improved. Can it get any better than this, for free? show Review details
Stable, flexible, easy to use 5 stars by D_Spider Oct 23, 2005 (Read all my 19 reviews)
Kirby Alarm is just about the perfect scheduler / reminder program. It is extremely stable--I've used it for almost two years and it hasn't crashed once (the only bug I know of is that it disables "Show Windows' Contents While Dragging," and this is already fixed in the current beta). It allows you to schedule programs and reminders in virtually every way possible: daily, yearly, the-nth-day-of-the-month, every-x-minutes (for graphics applications without autosave, I use a little sound to remind me). Setting up the schedule is easy, thanks to a very clear interface and useful error messages that tell you which checkbox you've missed. I use Kirby Alarm for all my computer maintenance: it opens the right program at the right time and reminds me to check for updates the night before, great! I wish some applications I've paid for worked this well. show Review details
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