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Does the job! 5 stars by Yapper44 Oct 13, 2008 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Was looking for a simple program to keep my 4yr. old from moving my desktop icons around, clicking on things she knows nothing about, and moving stuff; not to mention the things she sent to the recycle bin. She knows too much for her own good, apparently. I am happy to say she won't know how to work her way around this little surprise. Not until she learns how to spell, anyway. My one fault with the program is it does not include a simple read-me file to tell you how to set it up and get it going, which is: 1) download 2)run setup 3)install and choose "launch" 4)R-click on the "X" on the taskbar and choose "set password" 5)R-click "X" and choose "Lock Workstation Now". There. It's done. To "undo" it, simply L-click anywhere on your desktop and type in your password. Ta-Da! So simple to use, and Ctr+Alt+Del won't let you bypass the lock. Excellent little program. show Review details
Great 5 stars by ironman480 Aug 22, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Works great. I tried everything I could think of to bypass the lock short of reformatting the hard drive. Would recommend to any parent that wants to keep there children off the pc when they are not able to be there to supervise. show Review details
Great little program 5 stars by worldstrider Jul 02, 2005
The Matrix effect scrolls well and smoothly and the screen lock is "ctrl-alt-del" proof. It doesn't hang running apps in my experience and is just a nice simple program to lock your desktop when you walk away. I know windows "already can do this" but I don't use a log-on password at home but I do lock my desktop when I leave apps running. Perfect and kid proof! show Review details
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