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The *other* security protector 5 stars by bellgamin Jun 12, 2005 (Read all my 11 reviews)
Fingerprint (FPt) is an on-demand system integrity monitor, and a good one. Integrity monitors work on the principle that malware HAS to modify or add a file in order to execute. FPt first makes a "baseline fingerprint" (an MD5 checksum) of each file that you want protected. It keeps this fingerprint in a special file. Then, when you check to see if any of the protected files have been modified, FPt makes a second fingerprint & compares it with the baseline fingerprint. If there is any change whatsoever to a protected file -- even as little as a single bit -- FPt will tell you. If the changed file arouses your suspicions then (in the words of Sherlock Holmes): "The game's a'foot!" In other words, YOU have to chase down the cause of the change. FPt doesn't do the research for you. FPt can help you to spot malware that slips by your other security protection. Ergo, it is a *failsafe* that no paranoid user should be without. show Review details
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