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Fast! file search supports LAN 5 stars by michaudb220405 Apr 10, 2015
WOW! I'm impressed. I used "Everything" for years and was never thrilled with "Locate32" for the LAN. This program allows you to save the search configuration database for the LAN; you can actually search for filetypes like video's or JGP or MP3... I have a video and music LAN server so this is now my favorite search tool. show Review details
The best there is 5 stars by FaeGiN Aug 10, 2007 (Read all my 9 reviews)
This program is the one for me after a long boring time installing and testing all of these desktop searching programs. All I wanted is a program that I can start and type a file name into, then hit search and find me the file. I don't want to search WITHIN every text pdf, rar, zip or DOC file. I don't want a program to be continually slowing me down by indexing the drives all day or whenever it feels like it (google desktop anyone? Copernic perhaps?) This program just does what I need. It is super-fast at indexing all my drives and I only need to do that every two days or so, no longer than a minute for over a terabyte. It is true there is no right click explorer menu when you have the list of found files. You can only click to open them and nothing else. but! You CAN go into the 'about' menu and then click to register for the slightly enhanced version which DOES have those features and is pretty cheap too. show Review details
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