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Life saver! 5 stars by smithtrca465 Dec 28, 2011
My wife accidentally deleted our vacation photos while extremely intoxicated. But, we were able to recover the photos from the camera's memory stick quickly and easily the next morning. It was simple to download and use, and it got the job done. This program might literally have saved my marriage. show Review details
Works like magic ! 5 stars by MadMax Dec 17, 2010
I tried other software of similar abilities but none of them stood true to their write ups on the net. I by chance tried this - PC Inspector Smart Recovery 4.5 - and really this worked like MAGIC. I had accidentally deleted the photos from my SONY Cybershot W220 Digital Camera, which I had taken beautiful snaps of my baby daughter and had cursed my self for doing it. More over I had taken other photos which means it was overwritten, even then this software worked fantastically. Thank YOU PC Inspector Smart Recovery team for giving us this. show Review details
Awesome! 5 stars by KellConway Sep 04, 2010
Just fantastic! Lost near 1000 photos off my SD card and within an hour I had pretty much all of them back on my computer. Free!! Brilliant! I'm really really pleased with this software. Easy to install, easy to use. Life saver! show Review details
Thank you! 5 stars by Kaycee Jul 15, 2010
This is a fantastic resource! I goofed and hit the erase button, losing all the pix from a photo shoot. Embarrassing, yes. Frustrating, yes! But thanks to PCI Smart Recovery, I was able to recover all my images. Thanks guys, for an awesome product at a GREAT price! show Review details
It did not work 1 stars by thisismelissa May 13, 2010
After having the contents of a Smart Card wiped out by a faulty cable, this program was unable to recover any photos on the card. Very Disappointing It can have all the greatest interface and be easy to use, but if it doesn't work, it gets a 0! show Review details
Got all my pictures back! 5 stars by neseab Apr 20, 2010
I was about to give up after a few unsuccessful attempts using other recovery software programs. This was the only one that worked for me. It is free and I recovered all of my pictures. What a relief! Thanks! show Review details
Photo recovery magic! 5 stars by bmw113 Apr 14, 2010
My daughter's friend accidentally deleted all of her overseas trip photos from an SD card. She then took another 100 photos on the card. This software recovered 650 photos (including the ones she had taken after the deletion). The software is easy to use and the results are awesome. A highly recommended piece of software. show Review details
Life saver! 5 stars by ebayaddict Mar 20, 2010
I had accidentally pressed "Delete all" on my digital camera, and this great program managed to retrieve everything from the memory card. show Review details
Slow but gets the job done! 5 stars by Buddha Jan 09, 2010
A friend of mine had lost all the pictures on his SD card. Tried some others - varying success. Some could find only 2 pictures, others all of them but requires you to pay. PC Inspector (Convar) recovered EVERY one of them... This is a slow software - but thorough. Gets the job done, admirably. Thank you CONVAR. show Review details
Awesome program 5 stars by Ross505 Nov 20, 2009
This program is great. I can't believe that people would give it a low rating because it is slow. ITS FREE, i was on websites that were charging 30-60 bucks to recover photos. These websites let you view the photos rather than actual recover them. Nay to all you who diss free things. Great job, I am very pleased. show Review details
Great product 5 stars by AnnaYan Sep 09, 2009
Great product, it saved wedding images. show Review details
Fantastic 5 stars by Pappoo Sep 07, 2009
My SD card was inserted into a card reader to download some pictures from it on someone else`s machine, when the card came back all the file formats had been changed and the pictures were not available to view/download on my pc. Using this software after a couple of hours of scanning it recovered all my pictures. Does what it says on the tin, I can now clear the files off the card and use it again, I nearly purchased something 10 minutes before I found this. Well done for this show Review details
Saved me from my girlfriend 5 stars by Rohitesh Aug 18, 2009
I was going for a vacation so I asked for a digicam from my girlfriend, she told me there are few very precious photo of some of her relatives wedding. She asked me not to delete them, but no clue how it got deleted from the camera. Thanks to PC inspector, else I don't know what would have happened. show Review details
Fantastic 5 stars by viking2gb Jul 21, 2009
The CF card (SanDisk extreme lV 8gb) that was used at my daughters wedding. The next day when I inserted the CF card into the reader and started to view them, without thinking I deleted a picture off the card (while still in the reader), by doing this it caused the card to become corrupted, and it became unreadable, and kept saying the card had to be reformatted. So I thought the pictures were lost, I reformatted the card (back in the camera) and took several other pictures, before someone told me about the PC Inspector Smart Recovery program. I downloaded the program, and wellthats why I registered to this site to thank the PC Inspector Program developers and CONVAR who made this great program. I was able to recover about 75 of the 100 pictures on the card. Thanks again show Review details
Buffalo hunt saved...... 5 stars by BuffaloGal Nov 26, 2008
Thank You so much for this. I killed a world class buffalo and accidentally deleted my pictures. I was so crushed with pain that I could not sleep all night. I went on my laptop and found your site. I received all my pictures and more pictures from other months. Your site saved a most memorable hunt. Thank You again so much. Words can't express but the pictures can.It was easy to use. show Review details
It works, it`s easy, and it`s free! 5 stars by globalbrian Oct 03, 2008
I love this software! It works, it is easy, and it is for free: what more would one want? I have to disagree with the 'bad apple' comment of "the odd man out": he states that pc inspectors 'file recovery' does a faster and better job. So i tried it on my sd-card with lost pictures: it is complicated, took ages, it didn't recover all my pictures, and also gave me some rubbish. Then I tried smart recovery: it was easy, also took a while, but the result was splendid! I'm not saying PCI's file recovery is a bad program, maybe it is not specifically meant for this purpose, and there's probably a lot of things you can do with it, but for picture recovery from a memory card "smart recovery" works straight and good. show Review details
Odd man out 3 stars by gimpguy Sep 22, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
While I hate to be a bad apple here... This app takes way too long to recover images, not to mention only one type at a time. I re wrote over my USB flash many times and it did recover two most recent pics but took what seemed forever. The funny part, PC Inspector File Recovery, same makers, took seconds to do the same plus recovered numerous other files. Undelete plus did the same as well and took seconds too. PCISMR is far too slow and doesn't seem to recover anything more that the others. That said, something that took almost 45 min on a 1 gig flash drive to recover same two files, other software did in seconds, and more files to boot, does not allow me to give this a very good rating. It's great for free but as I said, others do the same but twice as fast, even one of it's own freeware brand file recovery. show Review details
It really does work! 5 stars by nodalo Aug 10, 2008
I hardly ever post reviews but I am so happy with this service that I had to. I had lost most of my nephew's pictures for his 1st birthday party while trying to move the file of his pictures from my hard drive to my flash drive. I didn't know that my flash drive was almost full and my computer stopped transferring the files half way through the process. Somehow most of the pictures got lost in "limbo" somewhere in the process. I did a mad search on my computer and couldn't find them anywhere! Luckily I still had my camera's memory disk. I googled for someway to restore the camera's memory disk. I found plenty of on-line software that I could pay $40 or more for and then I luckily found PC Inspector Smart Recovery. It took a while to scan the memory disk but it found my cherished pictures! Most of the pictures (except 2) were of good quality too. Thank you to whoever invented and shared this free service! show Review details
Saved my bacon 5 stars by dilacy May 15, 2008
Windows XP decided that (One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency) in other words it gave my compact flash card the kiss of death. After XP did the scan I could no longer access the wifes pictures (Bad, Very Bad) XP reported the files from her Nikon where empty. I ran PC Inspector Smart Recovery 4.5 and it recovered all but two pictures...Life is good again! Worked Great!! show Review details
Simply amazing 5 stars by housewife Feb 18, 2008
Sad but true, my 18 year old son stole my digital camera. He then claimed to people including my parents that my younger 16 year old son took it and planted it in his car. Thanks to this free software I was able to recover all the pictures made on the camera's SD memory card showing many pictures of my 18 year old and his friends proving that he did steal it and showing the time frame that he had used it. show Review details
Saved my career! 5 stars by Lizzie Jan 27, 2008
I'm a photographer and I recently carried out a job in Cincinnati, only to come home and accidentally throw the entire file in the recycling bin without notice. The next morning I woke up to the disaster. I downloaded many programs to my computer trying to retrieve the files from the hard drive, only not realizing i was overwriting my files with all my added deletions and installing and uninstalling of the software. I found this doing a search in google and it actually found 411 photographs on my memory card. while a lot of the pictures failed when opening them, I still had enough to work with to get the job done. Really, you saved my career. show Review details
Great minds at work 5 stars by Hitler Jan 09, 2008
The application helped me in retrieving many photographs which the otherwise Freewares would not help you with. Also the features provided are 100 times better than the paid applications. I would recommend this application to anyone looking to retrieve photos from the SD card. show Review details
Great program 5 stars by FrankL Dec 26, 2007
Like other reviewers I normally don't write reviews but I was so happy to have found this program through photo.net camera forum. I had saved all of my vacation photos on a 2GB Sandisk CF card and was trying to download the photos to my computer when I discovered that the files on the CF card were corrupted. I used the program and was able to recover about 95% of the pictures both in JPG and CR2 format. I was so thrilled that I contributed money to the freeware program developers. The internet is truly a wonderful thing and the graciousness of the PC Inspector Program developers and CONVAR should be commended. show Review details
Awesome! 5 stars by rizzard Oct 08, 2007
I've never posted a review in my life but after finding this program and it actually worked, I had to pull my finger out. My wife had just got back from holidays with a heap of family snaps and mid way through transferring the files off the XD card it stuffed up. It kept saying the card had to be reformated! Anyway after trying everything under the sun and to no avail I came across this FREE program. A BIG SINCERE THANK YOU to the clever people who came up with the PC Inspector Smart Recovery. It was quick and easy to use and WORKED! show Review details
Saved me from certain death! 5 stars by impboy Aug 11, 2007
Like other here, I had deleted vacation photos from my digital camera after downloaded what I thought was all of them. No such luck. I had only downloaded a few. When I went to show them to my wife, she said, "Where are the rest?" So I jumped on the net and googled "file recovery smart digital" and this program was the first one to come up. I tried it after reading other reviews and it worked like a charm! Some of my vacation photos did not come out perfect - cut off or odd graphics problems - but a majority of the photos were there, along with just about every photo I've ever taken with this camera. I never post reviews but I had to on this one because some other husband will be panicking and doing exactly what I did. Best of all, it did not mess up my computer. Download it now and get those pictures back! show Review details
Great simple tool and its free! 5 stars by joeabe Jul 26, 2007
This software is great. it is free and it works. got back my smart media card files that i goofed and deleted. show Review details
Does the job well! 4 stars by SteveBower Jun 17, 2007 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Worked very well for recovering Canon RAW files from a Compact Flash card where they had been deleted. One thing is that it seems you have to select the "Format Type" of the files you're trying to retrieve. I presume it only looks for that type of file in each scan. In my case that was sufficient because the whole media was full of the same file type. However, If I'd been switching between RAW and JPG files, I think I would have had to run the scan (which seems like it will take several hours for a 2Gig CF card) several times. Either way, slow but works better than several others I tried. Thanks Convar! show Review details
Outstanding!! 5 stars by toyers Apr 21, 2007
Well I really thought my photos were done for...I had nearly filled a 1GB Extreme III card up with shots from longleat and then yesterday I went out thinking I'd downloaded them and formatted the card in the camera, I then took a whole load more, downloaded these to my laptop, formatted it AGAIN, took more pictures today....ONLY THEN did I realize my mistake! I couldn't use the recovery disk that came with the card as it doesn't work with my cd drive, however I came across this FREE product and thought I'd just see what it could find. Amazingly it found over 60 files at 70% scan (I stopped it then because it found all the photos I wanted back). Can't recommend this enough. Thank you so much! show Review details
Saved the day! 5 stars by Happydance Dec 27, 2006
Very happy I located this very handy software. I accidently deleted our Christmas pictures that I was about to print. Although the program took a few hours to recover the photos, the time was worth it. Thank you!! show Review details
It worked! i got my camera files back! 5 stars by pcguysphl Nov 21, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Nuff said. Two thumbs up! Thank you! show Review details
Thank you so much! 5 stars by anydanger Oct 23, 2006
I managed to find and save all 210 photos from a recent studio sitting, so my client didn't have to come back in with her three children. I can't express my gratitude enough - but hope a small donation through Paypal helped a little! I only wish this was available for Mac too! Will be singing the praises of Smart Recovery for quite some time! show Review details
Thanks! 5 stars by alazan May 16, 2006
I registered to this site to thank these guys who did this great program. i accidentally erased photos on my SD card and now I have them back. thanks! show Review details
Sweet little program 5 stars by GimmeGimme May 10, 2006
Just got back from a week in Florida. Wife was looking at some of the pics this morning and realized she'd been clicking the X instead of the "next" button.... Thanks to this little program - the pics are back! show Review details
Good 5 stars by willy_Mcchrist May 02, 2006
It's a best prog that I ever try. Once day my father delete my all pics. then I was frustated because my mother blame me. thank God I found this prog... show Review details
Great but slow 4 stars by dragoon Apr 11, 2006
Great piece of software that actually does what it says on the can. It is slow but for its price who's worrying. Matches many pieces of commercial software. show Review details
Why havent i this prog before? 4 stars by Choonaddict Dec 02, 2005
Whoa! It did a great job. It didnt recover all the pics in my SD card, but it did it in the best way it could. I recovered an 80% of the error deleted pics. Very good prog! show Review details
Easy to use, effective and free, what's more! 5 stars by mikfoz Aug 30, 2005
This program saved a good portion of some seriously tragically deleted pics from my camera's SD card. It was extremely easy to use in WinXP via the card-reader interface and found over 80 pics I had thought lost forever. I only wish I had found this program sooner as some of the card was over-written. Even so, many of the photos were still found. The interface is child's play to use and very flexible. Whatever you do, download this at once and remember you have it if you accidentally delete your camera memory. One of the best moves I ever made. show Review details
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