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Something wrong 2 stars by gimpguy Oct 22, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
While this is a basis for pop mail, it still has plugins and other things to include for hotmail and such. I say that because it says to download the hotmail plugin, did that, went through the whole page of steps to install it "thinking I did something wrong" and I find I did it correctly, was constantly getting errors, connection errors, accessibility errors, the list goes on. Tried setting it for my outlook, ok, it accessed it but would bring up blank mail and then an error. So I then search the forum seeing how others have the SAME issue I have, no fix. There is some other proggy they suggest to install to aid in hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.... But I became tired of going through all the hassle, truly, people don't only use local mail, most use webmail and I feel this should be updated accordingly if they want people to use this. Plus, didn't work for my pop mail either! show Review details
Shame about yahoo 4 stars by Rustyboy Jun 25, 2008 (Read all my 33 reviews)
Poptray is great, especially having rules that let you delete emails on the server before downloading them. The downside to Poptray is the inability to access some webmail providers (Yahoo for example) without installing yet another program (such as ypops). show Review details
Thanks for years of service! 5 stars by melinda0nline Aug 07, 2007 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I used this utility for about 3 years faithfully! I even passed it on to friends. Program worked as it promises and rarely had any bugs or negative issues. However, after using it for several years I hoped the developer would upgrade it once in awhile, maybe add a feature or even clean up the User Interface. If your looking for something basic, small and simple, its great! However, I have moved on to Pop Peeper. Although its a much larger utility. It does add more desirable features, needed when you have multiple pop email accounts being dumped into one utility! Thanks for the Years of Service Pop Tray. show Review details
Indispensible 5 stars by balkaster Jan 08, 2006 (Read all my 9 reviews)
Been using this for years, and I don't know how I got along without it. Provides an extra layer of security against known and suspected spammers and potential viruses/trojans/worms by allowing you to see messages before you download them (it can't see attachments or parse scripts or markup language, so you can view message content without fear of launching malware). Well-designed, well-thought out, fast and reliable. It does tend to be a bit of a resource hog if you leave it always open to check many accounts (as in "more than three"), but that's a minor complaint. Stands in in a pinch when I don't want to load my full-fledged mail client. I tried three or four mail checkers before this, and this is the best. Everyone should give this a try. show Review details
Excellent mgt for multiple accounts 5 stars by VAVA-review Jun 29, 2005
I am a Virtual Assistant and manage email for my clients. The best way to manage these different clients' needs is by creating a new user identity for each, but doing that restricts my ability to check email for the other clients (and myself) while I am logged on as another identity. PopTray answered exactly what I needed. I have activated the accounts for all my clients, and I get notification on ALL accounts, no matter which identity I am currently logged in as. PopTray answered my dream of being able to assign rules and blacklist(or whitelist)at the click of a button...for multiple messages, yet retain the ability to edit the rules if I wish. (Oh heaven: not to receive another Viagra solicitation!) My rules are running for all the accounts, as well. Too terribly cool! I highly recommend this program, and have done so to several friends. Note: If you have a web-based account, you will need to add the [free] plug-in. (I helped my friend set that up with no prob.) show Review details
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