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Needs an update 2 stars by gimpguy Jul 28, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I do believe this would have worked well if updated. Didn't work with Windows 7 with the exception of one or two apps. The windows would not minimize to the title bar. Uninstall stated I didn't have permission, would not leave even with app shut down completely. Like I said, needs updating. show Review details
Another awesome peice of software! 5 stars by Ghost_grey Jan 22, 2006 (Read all my 56 reviews)
This is awesome, if you want full blown power-user machine, also get Deskpins, Trayit, Launchtab, Stick, Dexpot, Rerange Task, and Hotkeys, winroll hides the window so only the titlebar shows, which is way better than sending to taskbar for a simple task.. i think windowblinds offer this in some of the themes but winroll is not bloat, and very low on resources My two complaints are that it only does standard windows e.g. not fully customized like Spyware Sweeper, or Artrage, ect. because they will either do nothing or freeze up as minized state. And another thing is that when i winroll a window that is in background and un-winroll it becomes foreground in front of a window i was working on i guess that is windows, and not winroll, that's all. Despite that.. this is definitely worth it, and it's free.. cant go wrong with that. show Review details
Winroll just works 5 stars by Oichi_Ru Dec 24, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Only 2 reviews ? But I suppose the other reviewers said it already. WinRoll just works. I use it on all my Win2k and XP computers. Thanks to the author for a great piece of software. show Review details
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