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Superb free software 5 stars by j.johnson534378 Aug 24, 2014
I was a little suspicious at first as it sounded to good to be true, I did a bit of research and thought that the makers must have written them, however the only bad reviews I could find was that it was slow sometimes. I found it easy to use and extremely quick too, some of the speed problems may be due to antivirus I use Kaspersky and had no such problems. I would definitely recommend this software. show Review details
Excellent, easy, free. what's not to like? 5 stars by bzirkone202 Jul 15, 2014
Used this program to recover nearly 500 photos that I had deleted from an sd card in my digital camera because I thought I had saved on my PC. The photos were not saved on the PC and naturally, I panicked. I had serious doubts it would work and suspected it to by spyware.. but I was desperate. It worked. It was fast. It was easy. I highly recommend the product and will keep it installed in case of future accidental deletes. I tried another program first (paretologic) and it was pure junk, possibly malicious adwarespyware and held the images hostages until I agreed to pay and allow some kind of Trojan browser to install. Zero Assumptions worked. show Review details
Saved christmas 5 stars by jnmwilliams544 Jan 17, 2014
Accidentally deleted pictures from camera, thought gone but figured it couldn't hurt to try to recover them. Zero recovered all my pictures. Very pleased and super easy to use. show Review details
Great for image recovery 5 stars by tmillar721 Jul 21, 2012
Now up to version 9.1, it did as advertised with no fluff, no unwanted "toolbars" or advertising. Recovered all our SD pictures after we got the "Card corrupted" message. Highly recommend! show Review details
I tried a dozen others and this one worked! 5 stars by HeSavedMe May 31, 2010
My SD card had been losing pictures for the past 4 months and this program found them all! It was slower than the others I tried, but unlike the others, it was successful at getting my pictures recovered! So many memories that I have regained! It was also free! show Review details
Slow but very thorough 5 stars by maceyr Jan 22, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have tried a number of different recovery software and they all seem to recover the same number of images but this Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery is quite different. Slow but very thorough. I have gotten more pictures than the others so if you want to recover as much as you can, try this but be prepared to WAIT. show Review details
Saved vacation 5 stars by jimboy Sep 20, 2009
I recently went to Cumberland Falls, in Ky. with my wife. At the end of the 4 day trip with miles of hiking and beautiful scenery and over 450 pictures, I was sitting in our cabin reviewing my pictures when as dumb luck would have it I hit the wrong button not once but twice. You know the rest. Well my vacation was ruined till I got home and came to one of my favorite sites well you know the rest of this to. Zero Assumption came to the rescue and worked great I give it a 9 out of a 10 rating. It saved 445 out of 450 photos and I don't know what they were. Thank you for this little program with the big heart. show Review details
Did not work with Vista x64 2 stars by jeffbranc Sep 07, 2009
Program started on run. However, after selecting the target camera (Panasonic Lumix on G: drive), and when I clicked on PROCEED button, the program gave the error message "Source device and target path should be specified." Just to test if it was maybe the connection to the camera itself, I pointed to just the C: drive, it gave the same error. Don't know if running this program on Windows Vista x64 bit was the reason for this problem. The camera shows up on Windows Explorer, so it should just be a multimedia storage device. Not sure what the problem was. There was no support or FAQ on the developer's website. show Review details
The only one 5 stars by gimpguy Sep 29, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Wow, I have tested freeware and shareware alike for a recovery software that actually worked. This one FINALLY recovered some images and they WORKED! Unlike others. I have a new favorite! show Review details
Could recover images from a formated card 5 stars by sp1234 May 03, 2008
I have never bothered to enter comments till now but this one is worth. that was incredible and could even recover files from a accidentally formated card. Tried many varieties including professional ones like "recover my files" but was of no use. This really did the job..... An absolute must... show Review details
Excellent...this saved my project 5 stars by karisata Jan 25, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This a really great program. I am currently doing Project 365, a personal project of mine that has me take pictures for an entire year. I lost two days worth of photos, and this software rescued them! If all you need is to have some simple photos rescued, this is the program you need. Some of my photos lost some color, but that doesn't matter since that can easily be fixed. show Review details
Very impressed! 5 stars by smccauley Sep 28, 2007
I downloaded close to two dozen free/trial recovery tools off the net to recover data off one of my bosses' flash drive. Not only did every one of them fail to even detect the drive, but they all were limited to either one 64k file, specific file extensions, or scan only mode (actual recovery after purchase). That was until I got to ZAR. It immediately found the drive and allowed me to recover a dozen critical documents off of it which really impressed us both. I am now MORE than happy to purchase your full product after seeing the product in action. show Review details
Super 5 stars by arxilaos Aug 29, 2007
An excellent program that does what is supposed to do. Meaning that it recovers photos with just a click and finds data in situations that other programs either cost a lot or demand hours of search show Review details
This works - and will save you $40 5 stars by Sieveboy Jul 30, 2007
Great product, many other companies are charging $40 for this capability. The program found thirty lost files on my compact flash. I know the pictures were taken, and all the camera file numbers were auto-incremented, but no files showed up later on the camera or using the compact flash reader. This program found 'em all and restored them! show Review details
Much better than fat-based recovery tools 4 stars by sumkar Dec 04, 2006
I have accidentaly deleted all pictures from a CF (CompactFlash) card. I was looking for some recovery tools. I tried FAT-based tools, but they could not get back all the pictures (my camera might use some strange image storing mechanism). Then I found Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery, which found all my pictures and even those deleted half year ago (and not yet overwritten). As I understood (not an expert on this, though), this program is not using file system recovery, but reads the media bit-by-bit and whenever it finds a JPEG, TIFF, etc. header, it starts to write the bit sequence to the destination folder. When it found an end sequence, or a new start sequence, it stops writing. This is the way to do it! Thumbs up!. Thanks, guys for this freeware! User interface is not exciting, but who cares? It does the job, and that's it. show Review details
Saved 148 photographs!!! 5 stars by AddTheBadd Aug 06, 2006
No messing about, does exactly what it says on the tin!!! Tried three other freeware solutions with no luck, but 'Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery got them first time. The names a bit of a mouthful and the interface is nothing to write home about but who cares it gets the pictures back safely! show Review details
Thank god for zero assumption!! 5 stars by JulieH Jun 21, 2006
I am not tech savy at all... which is how I somehow reformatted the disc in my digital camera on the last day of vacation, and lost all my photos and videos. I came across this download and gave it a try. Everything was straight forward as it advertises. It was easy and quick. I did have to refer back to the demo for guidance on selecting the right "physical device". The selections it gave me were unrecognizable to me. The demo helped me understand what I was looking for. All pictures are recovered, and I am grateful! The movies were recovered as pictures (large jpeg files). I can't figure out how to convert them back to movies. Regardless, I am thrilled to have my pictures back. show Review details
Saved this fool 5 stars by Michael69 Dec 06, 2005
I usually don't like to register at websites but I signed up as a member just to give this review. I had deleted the pics on my camera's memory card and then was shocked to find out later that I had accidentally deleted the file on my computer where my pics were. I searched Cnet and TuCows for flash recovery software but they either cost money or were restricted in their functions. Zero Assumption recovered all the pictures that I had on my flash card including even older ones that I had deleted a long time ago. The recovered pictures were the original size. It was simple to use with only one sole purpose - to rescue those lost files. I was saved by this program and trust me if you want recover deleted pictures from your flash card, you should download this program. It is free and it works. Thank you to Zero Assumption and Snapfiles. show Review details
It works! 5 stars by EmmCeeBee Oct 02, 2005
ZA works! I downloaded and tried at least 16 other programs, but none recovered a single image. ZA saved 159 photos (all of the images on the card, as far as I can remember). My 512MB SD card was corrupted when I plugged it into a card reader to make a backup. The FAT was scrambled, data mangled. All the other programs either found "no images", or generated garbage. I'd rather trust my own data sleuthing, so with a low-level data editor and my limited knowledge of JPGs, I wrote a script to extract the images (but I never got the JPG headers right, so I gave up that attempt). Every search turned up fewer "new" programs to try. Tonight I downloaded 4 "new" programs (3 of them didn't work....) ZA works! Thanks Alexey Dubin (the author)! (I ran ZA on Windows 2000, but it doesn't work -- won't recognize any drives -- unless I'm logged in as Administrator. An undocumented shortcoming.) show Review details
Saved the day 5 stars by Oberon Sep 04, 2005
This product was exactly what i needed to recover my images of a corrupt compact flash card. All the images were recovered perfectly unlike with many oither software products i tried. Highly recommended! thanks! ;) show Review details
What a program and free too. 5 stars by alanwjones Jun 13, 2005
What a product, and all for FREE,I traveled 50 miles to take some photos only to deleted them while transferring them to disk, This product retrieved them ALL from the smart media card, so saved the day and another trip, I would recommend this program to all, download it NOW, you never know when you'll need it. Alan show Review details
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