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An attractive interface and advanced features 5 stars by remonn Apr 03, 2018 (Read all my 4 reviews)
There is not one thing I couldn't do with this great software. show Review details
Excellent file renamer 5 stars by 0intrepid1134 May 08, 2015
Advanced renamer was the most powerful adaptable free file reamer I have found. It's utility shines beyond where many renamers stop. Besides the usual sequential renaming of files, it also can parse (or remove) patters of characters. Advanced Renamer is what I use to auto-magically rename SCRIBD file names. First I program it to remove everything up to the first dash, then the 1st character. I looked at a dozen or so freeware programs and found only this one had the ability to remove a certain count of characters - from almost any character.It is highly versatile + has an excellent and helpful fan base. Another user showed me how to do what I needed it to do! It is one of those rare gems of freeware I find indispensable. I hope You will also. show Review details
Does the trick 4 stars by Testing123 Jan 21, 2014 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I had a lot of music files that needed to be renamed the way I like them i.e. (number-artist-title) and with a little practice with this program they got fixed. There's also a portable version. show Review details
EXACTLY what I was looking for! 5 stars by Snowfinch May 10, 2010
Oh, YES YES YES! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Pity Microsoft don't have the gumption to include a feature like this in Windows really... Thanks a lot SnapFiles, and thanks to the publisher Kim Jensen for making this available. show Review details
Renamed ok 3 stars by gimpguy Sep 24, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
It is advanced but I found this a bit tedious of an interface. It can rename the extensions of course so be careful else some files will be useless. It does a good job but I've used others with a much easier to use interface that get the job done as well. To many clicks to do some simple renaming in my book. show Review details
Perfect rename for pictures - mp3 5 stars by Nathan Jun 29, 2005
I wanted to rename my digital photos with the date and the width x height. I wanted dashes between the year and the month and day. I did not want to use EXIF info to determine width x height in case the image had been resized and the EXIF was incorrect. This was the only program that I could find that would do this. Do not use version 1, you must use version 2 (in beta). I like how you can save your rename profile very easily and retrieve it easily. I like the layout of the program. It is very intuitive, and gives you errors and warnings as soon as you enter a template for the files or folders you would like to rename. I will be using this as my rename tool. I have tried most all the other top rated rename tools, they are good, but didn't work for what I needed. show Review details
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