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It's about time! 4 stars by KenPearson Aug 03, 2006
I've used several of the consumer grade backup products, from Backup Vault, Iomega Backup, Back Up PC all the way through to MS' latest Live One Care. But if you are like me and are looking for both powerful and flexible features in controlling and a managing your backups, this is the program for you. Every other program I've used has always been missing one good feature, but the folks who put this program together had built something flexible enough for most everyone's needs (or situations). You can backup to FTP sites, encrypt your backups, have email alerts sent to you, use the backup planner to easily view your schedule, it even has a great synchronization function. The one drawback, which was temporary, was the wizard screen that walks you through the setup, but are only required to go through once. The bottom line is, this program brings commercial grade backup capabilities to the average consumer for a terrific price! show Review details
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