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Just installed 5 stars by steve1wolf257 Dec 09, 2012
Install was smooth - read all advertising options. It integrates directly to OE. F7 works, and it shows up in the setup menues. Your can choose to automagically check all outgoing mail just like Outlook. Just an outstanding tool. show Review details
My dictionary is now in English 5 stars by sullicox851 Jan 30, 2012
I had the dreaded OE thinks I'm French, and could not find a fix - idiot me for looking on Microsoft's website! Then my wonderful Step-Dad emailed me a link to a forum that recommended this. I read all the comments/reviews on both sites and excitedly downloaded the software. And... Nothing Happened! Or so I thought. After downloading again, I had the presence of mind to re-read some of the comments on the referring website and noticed where someone said that their Dictionary even now says English! I went to Options, clicked the Spelling Tab, selected to actually have Spell Check (I'd disabled it long ago in annoyance), and as my old Spell-check would have it - et Voila! Like the commenter noted - my dictionary now says English, and on a few test runs it's all good. Thank you to the ingenious devil who saw the idiotic need for this program and actually wrote it, and fie on the dopes at Microsoft who want to charge you tech support fees to report a problem! show Review details
Great software 5 stars by Mastmoey Dec 10, 2010
Thank you very much, it`s great software..... show Review details
Help with poor speeling is here! 4 stars by malcolm Oct 16, 2009
I needed a spell check for Outlook Express and asked Which? Computing for a safe one (am member)and they suggested this product and gave me a link, few clicks latter and it was done and works fine. I can add special work/sport words. And have set it up now to auto check before sending ,in case I forget. Very happy with it. Perhaps an update is needed if same one as first made in 2003? show Review details
Finally... 5 stars by eljay91 Oct 15, 2009
I have been searching two days for a way to get my OE Spell check back in English. Since I can't reference other products by name let me just say if I lived in France the spell check that came my way would have been fine. Your download was fast and simple and cant' beat the price (free). It works perfectly, thank you so much. show Review details
Works great 4 stars by nstarck Feb 15, 2009
This tool has worked well since recently downloading it and integrates seamlessly with OE6 which is nice. It works automatically if selecting the option to do so upon sending all emails. My only complaint is that it only spell checks the body of the email message and does not check the Subject Line. show Review details
Super easy, plug and play 4 stars by RexSTA Feb 04, 2009
It installed in three click and work great. This save a lot of time and money. After I switch to OpenOffice and remove MS office from my XP. This is the must have program to help me in spelling check for OE. Thanks for the developer's great work. show Review details
Worth exactly what it costs 1 stars by dlaker May 03, 2008
Almost as bad as OE itself. You have to ask for spell check. Then suspect words are highlighted; OK. Then you have to ask for suggestions and most of the time it gets it wrong. The second biggest mistake one can make is downloading this annoying spell checker - the first being Outlook Express. show Review details
An essential add-on for OE 4 stars by gusimio Apr 09, 2008 (Read all my 31 reviews)
Even the best spellers mistype quite frequently and this little program will help you to catch most errors. I say most errors because the associated spell check dictionary is not always 100% accurate but neither is the one from MS Office. show Review details
Perfect add-on 4 stars by MouseChaser Oct 20, 2007 (Read all my 27 reviews)
This is the perfect add-on for Outlook Express. As I find that my spelling is bad, this program sure helps me out when I send emails to friends and family. show Review details
Excellent program, must have with Office 2007 5 stars by TheConsigliere Jun 29, 2007 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Since I installed Microsoft Office 7 I noticed that spell check did not work in Outlook Express 6 in the English language. It would check spelling in French with no option to change to English. Once I added this little gem of a program spell check in OE6 works like a charm in the English language. This program definitely gets two thumbs up! show Review details
Dutch versions? 4 stars by BassManual May 28, 2007
This is a great program, but I doubt it is legal. Unless you have the program where the spell checking files came from, so I've added the dutch versions to boot! (Not hard to do.) Works great. Note: I can't recommend it yea or nay, so I said yes. same goes for Price/Value, which is excellent in my case. Thanks. :) show Review details
At last a spell checker that is easy 5 stars by Kilgetty Feb 05, 2007
Thank you, at last a spell checker for Outlook Express that you do not need a degree in computer studies to be able to install it. I will soon teach it to spell in English (British) as well as American. Excellent product, thank you once again. show Review details
The perfect replacement 5 stars by mosey2 Oct 30, 2006
Fits right in. You'll never know it's not the real thing. It doesn't have the largest dictionary in the world but for the price, it's acceptable. I've used it several times a day for about 5 years and it's never failed. show Review details
Must have program for us bad spellers 5 stars by shortstop Dec 20, 2005
Great rugged, easy, gotta have for email. I have used it for 2 years in XP and lost tract how long in W98. Never any problem. Also use Cetus WordPad to get spell check in wordpad, so now it does 95% of my word processing show Review details
A- one ! 5 stars by Coolcat Nov 25, 2005 (Read all my 4 reviews)
This spell checker for OE is great. Had it for almost a year, work great on XP-SP2. This is a must have. show Review details
Excellent 4 stars by alnjk01 Oct 26, 2005 (Read all my 124 reviews)
Integrates perfectly with OE. Does everything that it's meant to do for a spell checker, i.e. finds errors,corrects and replaces. show Review details
Great tool ! 5 stars by AnnaNoone Jul 04, 2005
I am so pleased I found this tool, it works perfectly and installed with no trouble. I have been searching and searching for a way to fix this problem with XP Outlook Express. Thank you so much for sharing this program ! show Review details
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