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Excellent virtual mouse 5 stars by Sivakumar Nov 03, 2010
Great Software. Something happened to my mouse suddenly and left click of mouse stopped working, so started using Windows Mouse-keys but it needs both hands! After trying out many programs I found this very small utility. Now I can move the mouse-cursor (NumLock ON) with ease through keypad of keyboard as well as move the keyboard-cursor also using the same keypad (hold SHIFT key) - which means that I don't have to move my hands between the keyboard arrow keys and keypad everytime. But it took me a bit of time to figure out how to do selection of text using only the keypad (For this, move the mouse-cursor to the point where the selection should start, which makes the keybd-cursor and mouse-cursor at one point, now press key1 and key4 simultaneously for selecting towards left or press key1 and key6 simultaneously for selecting towards right). Once used to it, we can avoid the movement of right hand for keybd and mouse (even if you have a mouse). show Review details
I could of used this! 5 stars by Ghost_grey Feb 11, 2006 (Read all my 56 reviews)
I had a ballmouse, and it was a mess because it would skip when i moved it fast, and it would drag you know sometimes skip right to the little [x] button and close out windows, and it mysteriously got broken.. until i got an optical mouse I had to use the keyboard to navigate, which is a total pain just to do the simplest tasks, keyboard shortcuts are very shortcoming, Microsoft developed a keyboard pad, and nothing for the mouse, Mouse emulator, is a life saver and perfect solution to no mouse at all, it actually moves the mouse arrow with numkey, a few minutes of use i find it very uncomplicated, and intuitive, also no installation required. and i recommend it even if you have a mouse, because you never know.. just try it out. show Review details
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