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One of the best if not the best....... 5 stars by melen001 Jun 08, 2014 (Read all my 20 reviews)
Arsclip, which is an extension of the clipboard, is so easy to use.... has all the necessary features and the ne i like is the "permanent clip" feature... you can't bet the price (free) but i would pay for it though, it's that good and handy ..... was using Ditto and both are excellent .... the truth is i just changed to Arsclip to test it out but Ditto is just as good... I would call it a draw.... show Review details
Very, very good 4 stars by Irritated Feb 23, 2011 (Read all my 12 reviews)
Out of many similar tools, this is the software I use. It is not perfect--it could use some simplification of the options interface--but that is just picking nits. It is very stable on older systems up to Win 7-64, and is competitive with its class in terms of memory usage. Complaining about small items like interface busy-ness ... ungratefulness from me I suppose. Being able to access a history of clipboard items at any time through an extended right-click? PRICELESS! My thanks to Jackass JoeJoe. show Review details
Will make your life a lot easier 5 stars by gimpguy Apr 05, 2009 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
You won't lose your clipboard items or history of site links if you want to use it for such. This little app will make your life a lot easier. I have used others but I like the options this one gives. I really like the permanent entries though, one of my favorite aspects of this. So if you are someone who hates copying something, then you forget and copy something else and lose the last copy, this app IS FOR YOU. show Review details
Excelent clipboard extender 5 stars by CyGhoSoft Jan 05, 2006
The best clipboard extender there is. Stores clipboard history. But also permanent items in groups. Simulates keystrokes. Global hotkeys for every permanent item. The only one that doesn't steal focus of the box you want to past in (only when "show/use Accelerator keys "UNmarked in config). You can also edit clipboard history items, preview, start them and past in several ways like CTRL-V, SHIFT-INSERT, mimic typing or just past to the windows clipboard. The upcoming version 2.8.5 supports also a RUN key simulation so you can start directly permanent items like programs, URLs etc. Can't live without it for daily work or coding stuff. show Review details
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