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Not for me 3 stars by mikahel312 Mar 23, 2023 (Read all my 3 reviews)
First, the screenshots are outdated. The program now has an Office type interface. The whole application seems to be designed for use in an office environment. Too complex to bother with for home use. Notepad and one of the many clipboard utilities suit my use better. show Review details
Very useful, but.... 4 stars by Abraxas Nov 23, 2014 (Read all my 4 reviews)
This was a great addition to my PC for writing reports and online commenting. It accepted new phrases easily and even popped up and reminded me if I used the same hotkey or sequence. Nearly anything you don't like can be turned off or modified. But, and this was the big one for me, the program is TIME-BOMBED. When you first start using it, it works fine. But if you are, say, in the middle of a thesis and need to use it a lot, the messages start popping up. It amounts to what basically is a threat, telling you to upgrade and pay or you are violating the license. I wasn't. I was pasting my email address many times. And these annoying messages are actually INSIDE the text you pasted, so you need to go back and repair the damage by removing the threat and retyping what you wanted there. Don't fall for it. Get something else, preferably something that is really "freeware". show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by ghafari3349 Jul 19, 2012
This is a very useful software show Review details
Powerful time saver 5 stars by access_2chuks636 Jul 12, 2012
This software is cool and it's a time saver. I've used it countless times and will continue to use. If there's anyone out there who wants to save time with some repetitive typing, use PhraseExpress, it's the way to go show Review details
Love it! 5 stars by craigos28620 Mar 28, 2012
It has helped me tremendously, I do a ton of emailing with a lot of repetitiveness and this has just simplified my life with this stuff. you can get creative with it as you learn how to use it. absolutely wonderful tool. I am not paid or work for them, this is an honest review. show Review details
The best clipboard tool ! 5 stars by Hellraiser Feb 29, 2012 (Read all my 30 reviews)
Absolutely great ! show Review details
Saves time. 5 stars by Tweetson Mar 13, 2011 (Read all my 11 reviews)
Great when you frequently type the same text over and over. I use it on Facebook a lot for birthdays, anniversaries and recommending sites and programs. show Review details
I used to love this program 1 stars by dartlady Jan 17, 2011
This used to be a GREAT program. I frequently recommended it to others to buy, or for special needs populations. They have changed it from having an annoying pop-up to ask you to buy the commercial version, to actually inserting a line of text into your document. I am searching for a new program to use now. I would be happy to pay, but they charge way too much, and charge you for upgrades as well. They upgrade (or in this case downgrade) fairly frequently. When I sent them an e-mail about the pop-ups, they said that certain phrases trigger them. The words that I have found so far include; that, the, this, and my own name. Those are not words generally associated with commercial use more so than personal use. show Review details
Freeware vs shareware 3 stars by OzBrad Dec 23, 2010 (Read all my 23 reviews)
I have used phrase express for some time now. I admit I do like it,and it saves me lots of time, but I am a bit frustrated that upgrades are not free. Now I know that most minor upgrades are free, and I am happy to pay for a major upgrade. But I purchased a license in Sep 2009 for version 6 and in Dec 2010 we are now up to Version 8. The only reason I purchased a license was that I was trying to do the right thing by the author. I was happily using the freeware version 1 of the software. So much for minor releases. I am expected to part with more money for version 7, and even more for version 8. show Review details
Price 4 stars by Vidaro45 Aug 31, 2010
Easy to use and free for personal use. show Review details
Good, but very annoying. 2 stars by RasTrent Jun 10, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
It's good for a little while, but it soon becomes very annoying when it starts harassing you with accusations of being used commercially, even if it's not. I've used it personally in a few different environments, on different computers, all non-commercial, but each time it claims that it's being used commercially. It helps me with my own productivity enough to where I may have considered purchasing a license just to stop the annoyances, but $30 is a bit steep for that. For what it does, $5 or $10 would be reasonable. Then again, the hostility factor of the messages and their website regarding free vs. commercial would make me still want to look elsewhere. I think it's a bit deceptive to offer it for free and then have it stop being functional at the slightest sign of being used "commercially." It just seems greedy to me. In my opinion, a donation model would be a better one for PE rather than this one which just repels people. show Review details
Uses too much memory 2 stars by ronstone Aug 07, 2009
Uses too much memory, slow ,bad interface. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Aug 12, 2009: The Windows Task Manager may show that more memory is reserved for an application. Please note, that the memory is dynamically shared and if another application requests memory demand, Windows would withdraw the memory reserved for PhraseExpress and provide it other applications. The actual physical demand of PhraseExpress is just around 5 MB. -- If you find the user interface confusing, you probably entered the "Expert Mode" that offers extended functionality. Please read to learn how to get back to the "Easy Mode" where PhraseExpress is really easy to use as 1-2-3. --- Michael Schmidt, PhraseExpress Support Team
One of my alltime favorites! 5 stars by Venusian Mar 07, 2009
A very useful tool, that cannot only be used for quick insert of text phrases, but also for remapping keys, Windows automation and creation of useful dialog- and input screens. show Review details
Perfect! great time saver! 5 stars by sitisis Feb 03, 2009
What a finding. It saves me so much time everyday that i would like to hug the makers. My suggestion: Start in "easy mode" which makes it easy in the beginning. The "expert mode" is powerful but may confuse you in the beginning. show Review details
Must have freeware 5 stars by JString Dec 01, 2008
Very useful software. I am 75yo and had trouble configuring it but support was very nice and helped me out. show Review details
Perfect for my subnote 5 stars by Jaggedlittlepill Aug 22, 2008
Typing is a hassle on the little keys of my X200 subnotebook. Phrase Express eases the pain as it simplifies my work. Price is a little bit steep but justified. show Review details
Love it! 5 stars by Manifly Aug 04, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
What a time saver. Easy to use and even free. Don't understand the nag screen complaints. Phrase Express works just fine here. show Review details
Fantastic helper program 5 stars by Voyoger Jul 26, 2008
I downloaded this program with the intent of using it merely to insert pre-defined snippets of text into web forms. I completely underestimated the power this software has! Not only could I define the keyboard shortcuts I would use to insert phrases, but I found I could use this application to perform other tasks as well! I can set it to insert the current time and date in any format I choose, enable hotkey combinations to launch applications, and even charge the program with the duty of spelling things out for me. show Review details
Nagware 4 stars by thinavila Jan 25, 2008
It is an excellent program,and I have rated it so. However, it has a built in system of calculating how much money it is saving for you by auto-entering phrases, and when this number hits $20 it starts throwing screens at you asking you to buy the program as it thinks you are a commercial user. It would have been OK if this screen only hit you once a day or so, but it keeps popping up every few minutes and you have to wait for 5 seconds it you want to say "No" to buying it. If you choose "Yes", you are taken to their website, where a message comes asking you not to buy anything now, as they are soon going to release the new version of this software. show Review details
Nagware, unfortunately 2 stars by LarryG Jan 13, 2008
This would be a good product, provided free for non-commercial use by its authors. Unfortunately, it's nagware. After using it for some time, it starts popping up a nag screen requesting purchase, saying that the usage appears to be commercial. This is insidious because reviewers will write favorable reviews based on initial experience. The nag popups come later, after the reviews have been posted. If the authors are serious about providing this useful program free for home users, they'll discontinue the annoying nag popups. Otherwise, it's just another example of nagware. Caveat emptor, if one can say that about a free program. show Review details
Great at first, then annoying 3 stars by WareQi Aug 24, 2007 (Read all my 6 reviews)
This was wonderful at first, then extremely annoying when the nag screens kept telling me that the program had determined 'commercial use'. Huh? Just normal macro insertions once or twice a day in Word documents. The developer needs to lighten up on this a bit. Also, formatting usually goes to Times New Roman when used in Outlook. Too bad. Could have been a great help. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Apr 24, 2008: Thank you for sharing your experience with PhraseExpress. PhraseExpress is free-of-charge for personal use and the program is determining commercial by the phrase contents. Unfortunately, this detection mechanism was far too sensitive and we improved it in the latest version. It would be great if you would give PhraseExpress a second chance. Our apologies for the trouble you may have experienced. -- PhraseExpress chooses the formatting as currently set in the target application. If you set the font to another font of your choice in Outlook, PhraseExpress would use that setting. Alternatively, you can store the text formatting along with the phrase if you set the corresponding option when saving the text snippet in PhraseExpress. More information: The PhraseExpress Team
Has some glitches 3 stars by pcs800 Jun 14, 2007 (Read all my 222 reviews)
At first I thought this was the best thing since pizza, but then I started noticing that it sometimes did not paste the text and I would have to do it all over again. Also, it nags you to buy the full version if you use it a lot. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on May 21, 2008: Thank you for sharing your experience with PhraseExpress. PhraseExpress is free-of-charge for personal use and the program is determining commercial use by the phrase contents. Unfortunately, this detection mechanism was far too sensitive and we improved it in the latest version. It would be great if you would give PhraseExpress a second chance. Our apologies for the trouble you may have experienced. Your PhraseExpress Team
Easy use 5 stars by csdenmark Feb 03, 2007
Meets simply all requirements for easy use. show Review details
Great time saver! 5 stars by rogerrabbit Nov 23, 2006 (Read all my 19 reviews)
Excellent, easy to use software that becomes indispensable remarkably quickly! Auto completes text in emails, letters, websites etc. Great! show Review details
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