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I always use File Scavenger first! 5 stars by Banned_User Feb 18, 2013
I'm PC repair tech with over 9 years experience in fixing desktops and laptops for the public. I have performed data recovery on drives that had issues from minor corruption to head crashes to complete catastrophic failures. I have tested almost every data recovery program on the market today. File Scavenger is always the one I use first. There are other much more expensive programs that work better for certain specific problems but I rarely use them because File Scavenger recovers the files 95 percent of the time. If the drive spins then FS will get the data off it almost every time. I have had a professional license for this program for over 5 years and it's worth every penny. I have recovered pictures, financial data, business contacts, tax files, payroll data, and lots more for my customers. FS has saved them tens of thousands of dollars by recovering the files without having to send the drive off to a clean room for dissection and put quite a bit of money in my pocket in the process. There isn't another program out there that recovers files with the consistency and accuracy of FS from drives with so many different problems. A little advice, whatever your PC problem is don't take it to "A big Box Store"(I'm sure you know which one I mean) They don't have true techs, they have salesman that know very little about computers that pose as techs. I've seen them take advantage of so many trusting people. They lie to the customer and overcharge just to sell them a new computer show Review details
It works brilliantly 5 stars by TonyWilkins Oct 11, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have used a few recovery programs but this is brilliant. If its possible you will find it with this and its recovered as a folder tree. show Review details
Great tool, great price!!! 4 stars by ITguy1 Aug 27, 2010
We use this tool allot to recover data for our clients. In most cases the drives suffer from some time of partition corruption and File Scavenger can handle this beautifully. In the few cases that we can not recover the data via File Scavenger we send it out to in-lab services. However, usually the software can handle the case well. show Review details
Every IT professional should have one 4 stars by blingbling Apr 12, 2009
One of my Vista latptops was encrypted with PointSec 6.3. Later I had to decrypt it and remove PointSec but the uninstallation failed. Then Windows could not bootup and the disk could not be read by Vista installation disk! I had a small database file I need to recover so i took the drive out and put it into a desktop. i tried 3 other utilities and none of them could see the laptop drive. I was getting frantic but I then I stumble on File Scanvenger. After installation, I saw the new drive, the folder and all of the data files. it was hard to believe, within minutes after buying the software, I recovered the data files. I am so glad I came across this utility. show Review details
Amazed, shocked and awed! 5 stars by crazycheef Apr 20, 2008
I stressed for a week about losing everything from my RAID0 config. I was told about this program, tried the trial but knew I needed to recover more than 64kb at a time. Bought the license for File Scavenger and ran it. This program recovered EVERYTHING I lost and more. This software is a must have for everyone! show Review details
Saved my data and my rear-end! 5 stars by Sin2bn Jul 05, 2007
I crashed my hard drive which held all my essential business data and had no back-ups. Suddenly, I was dowloading every HD recovery program I could find. Most wouldn't even recognize the ruined partition moreless read my data. File Scavenger not only read the data, but rescued nearly all of it so easily I was really impressed. You can use the demo to find out if the data can be recovered and if so, pay for the full version and get your files back. Ive never written a review for software, but File Scavenger deserves the effort. show Review details
Great software 5 stars by jhouse59 Jun 02, 2007 (Read all my 3 reviews)
I had stored my downloads and family pics on an external hard drive. When I hooked it up to my laptop. Something happened and Windows XP quit recognizing it. I used another data recovery software. One I'd bought last year. It didn't find nearly as many as File Scavenger. The only thing I was wanting back was my pics and software that I had paid for. The software that I had bought put the recovered files in folders that where numbered. Scavenger brought them back up in their old folders. This is a great piece of software. Well worth the money. show Review details
Found my hard drive files!!! 5 stars by jstrand23 Mar 28, 2007
I was looking for a cheap alternative to sending in my Harddrive for $1000 to get my family pics and some other software files off the crashed harddrive. Virtual Lab showed very little, including no pictures of the family, just some temp internet jpegs. I downloaded the demo version with not a whole lot of hope, but was pleasantly surprised with the results. Actually I was ecstatic. Scavenger found nearly all my files and was able to recover most of them also. A few of the pics were corrupted, but i can live with that. And for $50, this software is well worth it. Thanks!!! Jason show Review details
Good bless its developers. 5 stars by Reviewer777 Dec 01, 2006
I'm very impressed by Scavenger's performance. It's a very reliable recovery tool and tons of features which really saved me. I was pleasantly surprised when Scavenger recovered files from corrupted RAID setup. Its interface is very simple and this fact guarantees that even a non experienced computer user can recover his data using this tool. Therefore I can highly recommend this product to everybody. show Review details
Great product 5 stars by Paladin Sep 02, 2006
I tried two other file recovery programs on a drive with "invisible" files. The drive filesystem appeared completely corrupted even under Linux. Of the two other programs I tried, only this one could actually find the files - ALL of them and then recover the ones I really needed. I tested the trial and therefore only recovered the files that were 64 KB in size or smaller. The program doesn't attempt to fix the files on the drive. They're copied into memory, fixed and copied to a new drive. This is a feature that should be in every file recovery program. Don't touch (other than to read) the corrupted drive. show Review details
Stop looking and just download it. 5 stars by t1dude Aug 05, 2006
This software ROCKS! It has saved me on two occasions. The first time, it was even able to recover data stored across two HD's set up in a RAID 0. The RAID card failed and I feared that I had lost all the data. I installed a new RAID card and set up the drives in a similar configuration, then ran the software. I was stunned when I was able to recover hundreds of files, that saved me from rewriting tens of thousands of lines of code. The second time was when the Master Boot Record on my laptop HD got corrupted. The HD would not boot, so I installed it as a slave drive on my desktop hoping that it was just the MBR that was damaged. When I booted the desktop, it found errors on the HD and did some error checking. When the boot completed, I could see the HD, but all my data was gone! That's when I remembered File Scavenger and recovered 14GB of data! It found files of every type: .jpg, .xls, .ppt, .html, .pdf, .doc, .asp, .cfm, .bat. Highly Recommended! show Review details
Buy!!! it really works!!! 5 stars by kenjanball Jun 15, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
My friend's hard drive crashed and she had failed to backup 2+ years of pictures. I tried everything I knew to do and had only been able to recover a few pictures. I'd already given up, but was still looking around and found this program. I tried the demo and was absolutely amazed. It worked even after I had ran CHKDSK. I paid the money and recovered at least 95% of what she wanted (probably more). It found directories that windows didn't think existed. The interface is simple, it's fast, reliable and just plain works! Try the demo. What do you have to lose (data if you don't)? show Review details
The true - everyone may need it 4 stars by redhorse May 14, 2006
This tool is an insurance for the unlucky days. It is reliable and never puts you down. It may save you hundreds or thousands in specialized assistance if you delete some inportant file by mistake. Take it. show Review details
Outstanding file recovery program! 5 stars by CHCincinnati Apr 13, 2006
I've used FS 2.1 since '04 with GREAT success. It saved my bacon when a hard disk crash occurred and I had no backup. Recently, FS 3.0 has proven to be even better. I searched the Internet and downloaded trial version of perhaps one dozen file rescue utilities. Most were difficult to use, and many simply didn't work. File Scavenger was the ONLY program that I tried that could see all of the files I was searching for. I immediately ordered a personal license for the program and recovered everything I needed. Most recently, Windows XP Professional failed to shut down properly and thus caused a corrupted master boot record as well as several inaccessable "My Documents" folders including several thousand pictures of my 1 year old granddaughter! I upgraded to FS 3.0, and once again retrieved every single file I needed! Version 3.0 is MUCH faster also! This program is worth many times its cost. This is one of the best investments I've ever made! show Review details
Awesome file recovery utility 5 stars by hueydvr38 Mar 27, 2006
If you've got a harddrive that has crashed, this is the program for you to recover your data. I had a RAID array (mode 0, two disks) die on me. One of the disks was corrupt, the other I had ended up formatting to NTFS after the fact. I plugged both drives into my computer (for RAID recovery, the RAID drives cannot be your system drive) and loaded the software and after telling the program which drives to scan (it needs to know which drive is drive "0" and "1" in the array), it showed me all the files that had been on the drives! I was able to retrieve my precious mp3's that I had been accumulating for years. It was an incredible feat for only $85 (and only $45 if you don't use RAID!!). Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend this program. show Review details
Amazing 4 stars by DavidC Mar 25, 2006
I'm no PC expert, so when I accidentally reformatted my second hard drive, losing precious photos and video, I thought that was it. But Snapfiles always comes up with useful stuff, so I had a look and found this. I downloaded others, but this was the cheapest and simplest to use. A long search showed up all the files on an otherwise blank drive, in their folders - v. nice - and less than an hour later all was restored, 70 gig of JPGs and AVIs, back to the way it was. I even retrieved some photos lost a year ago from the C drive during an XP re-install. Amazing. Wish I'd found it sooner. show Review details
It saves my day 5 stars by NolanM Mar 16, 2006
When I come to work this morning, one of my data drives crapped out. Even though I have periodically backed up my machine, I haven't done it for the last few days. Searching through the internet, I found this utility. I decided to give it a try due to it's very good price. WOW! most of the files I need show up in the search list and I get them recovered. Phew! all I have lost is a couple of hours. I recommend this product. show Review details
Simply outstanding 5 stars by GrahamG Dec 30, 2005
I tried many utilities to recover my files from a corrupt hard drive, but File Scavenger was the only one that worked for me. For me, it was worth every penny of the purchase price. File Scavenger is very easy to use. It recovered all files on my bad Western Digital drive with no data loss when I used the "long search" mode (the "quick search" mode didn't find my lost files). Obviously, if your drive has a mechanical problem, a tool like File Scavenger won't help -- so don't bother if your drive no longer spins. My only criticism is that it would be helpful to have some disk repair and imaging tools included with the package. show Review details
There are better 2 stars by Krissa Aug 26, 2005
While File Scavenger is nice in appearance and easy to use, for me at least, it didn't do the job, and that's what it's all about. I used this program on two different hard drives and it came up with no results (0%) in both cases. I used another program and recovered an unbelievable number of files. This from a hard drive that had been reformatted and new operating system installed. While obviously this program has worked for some , it didn't for me . Therefore I can not recommend it. show Review details
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