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Better but not great 4 stars by gimpguy Jul 30, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
This is my updated review from prior. The Good: The interface is much better, user wise and graphically. The speed of compression hasn't increased or decreased, still very quick though. The Bad: Upon install, you get a series of 3 icons on your desktop, follow on twitter, join on Facebook and of course the program icon. This I found extremely annoying and it may not be a toolbar, but I but I don't want them on my desktop, be it to join or not. Also, when you create a new archive, ZG does not recognize word or text documents in the list. Finally after manually going through and adding a few files to an archive, when I went to extract them, ZG froze up. I tested it twice, same thing. Update:(got portable working) Oddly enough, I rebooted and my desktop icons were all hidden and my pictures on my desktop gone as well as other program shortcuts. Had some issues with choppy running after reboot, cleaned the registry, got rid of a couple of left over ZG keys, ran much better. (This is a fresh Win 7 install) It's a great free software with a lot of options and I do recommend it, BUT it's still not close to Haozip or others and very buggy. Will keep watching this one though. show Review details
No portable version 3 stars by TwoEars Feb 01, 2010 (Read all my 26 reviews)
I used ZipGenius for a while but dropped it when it became clear that no portable version would ever be released. Beside that is was a bit bloated. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Mar 07, 2010: That is not true. ZipGenius can be transformed to portable with a simple drag and drop: just move zipgenius.exe, the DLLs in ZipGenius program folder and the lang and skin subfolder to a USB drive and it will work everywhere.
About the best one around 4 stars by H82BFat Jan 09, 2010 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Right off, its the best decompression tool I have tried in more than a decade. One thing that kept me from giving a better rating is the cluttering with unrelated add-ons, like the password manager, backup utility, and the slide-show tool. Instead of expanding the program with unrelated additions, it might be a better idea to include a recovery tool for corrupted files. This would make this program truly outstanding. show Review details
Very Good 4 stars by MOKAIOP May 21, 2009
Its a very good compression utility, for me the best. show Review details
Great all rounder 5 stars by Blueman Jun 03, 2008 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Had no problems with the program so far and worked with all the different zip files i have and for free you cant beat it, where as before i was using winzip and to buy the pro version it would have cost $57usd so its money in my pocket. show Review details
Awesome! 5 stars by YotoshiWii Mar 30, 2008
Nice compact size, sleek looking interface, "1-Click" file extraction, Great integration with the Windows shell. Need I say more? show Review details
Excellent! (but...) 5 stars by BengalTigger Feb 08, 2008 (Read all my 8 reviews)
I honestly wish I could use ZipGenius with confidence, but when it comes to a zip/unzip utility, I don't want to have to think twice about whether it will work properly or not. Unfortunately, I've found it works great most of the time, but occasionally does not and, because I would rather have a less capable but more trustworthy utility, I plan to use another for now. To the author, ZipGenius deserves the 5-stars I gave it for Interface, Features, Ease-of-use, and of course price/value. However, If there were a reliability category, I could only have given it 3 stars. I look forward to trying it again sometime in the future. show Review details
Compression tools champion. 5 stars by yassertariq Dec 13, 2007 (Read all my 90 reviews)
Although I'm a staunch supporter of IZArc, I'm still compelled to say that ZipGenius is a must-have for every power-user. You will not need any other compression suite. The Italians are the FIFA World Cup champions, F1 champions, UEFA Champions Leaugue champions and now the Compression Tools champions! show Review details
The best freeware file zip/unzip utility. 5 stars by farpointstation2 Sep 30, 2007 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I have used several compress/decompress utilities over the past few years, but ZipGenius is hands down the best freeware utility! I've been using ZipGenius for the past 2 years and have rarely had any problems compressing or decompressing files. The available protocols and file extensions that can be handled by ZipGenius are all that I've ever needed. Compressing or decompressing large files is never a problem with ZipGenius. The available options for using the utility are just a right mouse click away; no complex set up or loads of options to figure out. Configuring ZipGenius is as easy as 1-2-3! You can't go wrong with the ZipGenius utility! show Review details
Would be the best if it wasn't for bugs 3 stars by MarkSpanner Sep 24, 2007
I have tried several Zip apps and I must say my favourites have to be this and IZArc. Considering that it is freeware it does everything! The features offered are great. I love the options you have to create self-extracting archives better than any other freeware I have used. The only reason I wouldn't recommend it to others is that I have found it very buggy. I have used it for around 18 months over various versions and it is still not stable. I frequently get issues on my Windows XP SP2 machines (use it on several) where it crashes explorer. Considering that development on it appears to have slowed considerably it may never become the best Zip app ever - a title that would easily deserve if it was stable. show Review details
Best compression tool ever 5 stars by afiq125zr Jun 29, 2007
This is the best compression tool ever. On more thing, it is excellent if u can make tabbed download for it so the task bar not look crowded show Review details
Easier 5 stars by hrwasp Jun 07, 2007 (Read all my 48 reviews)
Much easier than others. I use to use another program and loved it until their latest updates killed it and it started to through errors. It is a good thing otherwise I would have missed this one! show Review details
Very good overall 4 stars by rafy_t May 31, 2007
Tried this as an alternative to my old zip app. Like it very much (v6.0.3.1140 running on XP). Only 2 issues 1- Cannot set the temp directory to be used by the app (I like to see the temp files created and deleted) 2- The temp files created by this application do not seem to be removed when the application closes. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Jun 04, 2007: You cannot set a custom temporary folder in ZG 6, but it will be a feature in next ZG release; also temp files are left in temp folder when "something strange" happens (program crash, system crash, temp file locked by system)... I am inspecting this behavior in order to offer a better temp files removal within ZG 7. Greetings.
That is powerful tool ! 5 stars by amirvahid May 17, 2007
I`m very happy to find useful and excellent software for my work. Try it safe and more...! show Review details
Why in your right mind would you... 5 stars by pcs800 Feb 08, 2007 (Read all my 222 reviews)
Spend money on a archive app when this one is available for free? I have been using it for years, i do not think it is overkill, it is much faster to unzip a file by simply right clicking it, rather than opening winzip and blah blah,etc. Now the new version has a separate ftp client (not the best) and a really awesome 'convert to exe" function which I simply love! The new file splitter thing, well, I could take it or leave it, floppies are out. Even if this app cost a few bucks, I would buy it over any other without hesitation. Kudos to the author!!! show Review details
Excellent program . . . 5 stars by JMMannion Jan 30, 2007 (Read all my 25 reviews)
This program is good, as in really good. Don't take my word on it, give it a try and I am sure you'll agree. JMM show Review details
The best zip tool around 5 stars by reduct101 Jan 22, 2007
This zip utility is excellent for a variety of reasons: - it's powerful and efficient - it has the best right-click context menu functionality of all the zip tools I've tried - it's fast, even if you don't load it up at system startup (which I don't) - it has a wealth of options All this from a free utility? You'd be mad not to give it a try. show Review details
Zip genius - the one i use on my machines 4 stars by RebootsDaMachina Jan 21, 2007 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Zip Genius is the application of choice for me. I recommend this tool over others. Does everything it needs to. Lots of compression types covered. Great support. show Review details
A wondefull zip suite (and not only)!!! 5 stars by GIORGOS Nov 28, 2006 (Read all my 14 reviews)
I really like this archiving suite (I'm using it for years), because of the many supported file types, the beautifull and easy interface, and the very useful shell integration. I'm using the lite version, because I don't need FTP support or splitter (also available as stand-alone download), but if someone needs the extra features of full version, its very easy to dl, install and use, also for free. PS: Just because some users complaints that it rarely crashing on exit, they can easy close it from Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del -> Processes->select it on the list (click inside the list and press Z)->End Process->Yes). show Review details
I found this to be the best of the bunch... 4 stars by Gladiator Jun 06, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Unlike the other freeware compression tools I tried, this one works from the shell menu as claimed! In my tests, 7-Zip edged ZipGenius for compression, but not as much as touted by so many disciples of 7-Zip; in fact, the difference is hardly worth discussing. But ZipGenius offers sooo many more usable features, like file-splitting and the ease of use (creates archives in two clicks of the mouse). Folks who like to compress files the long way, from the interface, still get the bells and whistles. Just set your files associations to ZipGenius and the rest is a piece of cake! The only thing I didn't like about ZipGenius is the fact that it does NOT create self-extracting executable files (*.exe). But then most of the others make the same claim and don't deliver. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Jun 11, 2006: Hello. ZipGenius DOES create self-extracting executables: open a ZIP file and press F7 (or "Make SFX" under the "Actions" menu): you will be able to choose a SFX module (we have also localized modules), to set as many options as you need or want, you can set a custom icon (XP icons are supported) and you can even compress the SFX module with UPX - if upx.exe is in ZG program folder - in order to make the SFX smaller. Try this and let me know ;-)
Annoying in many occasions 3 stars by skotado Apr 18, 2006
It would be great if you could just preview a file with a simple double click and not have the antivirus check message every time show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Apr 21, 2006: Hello. The next build won t have that (really) annoying message :-)
Good if you need this much power 4 stars by TerryP Apr 03, 2006 (Read all my 87 reviews)
It's good if you need all of its features, but for everyday use it's overkill and unnecessarily large. For regular home use I recommend Filzip for freeware and Winzip or WinRAR for shareware. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Apr 03, 2006: Hello. Thank you for your positive comment. I am working on a portable edition of ZipGenius which will be able to run from a USB pen-drive, while keeping all of its features untouched. If you need ZipGenius for everyday use, you may use the context menu items added by ZipGenius. There is a complete set of context menu features, so that you won t have to use the main application every time.
Best freeware zip application 4 stars by zimberto Feb 25, 2006
This is undoubtedly the best freeware zip app out there. However, it does have some flaws which can make it frustrating to use. Firstly, it's slow. The UI is slow and the zip/unzipping is slow. Secondly, it's quirky. Things like, you can only drag items in/out of either side of the UI, but not via the top or bottom! Thirdly, it's not very stable. It does seems to crash a lot, especially when closing the UI. Overall though, it's the one I recommend because 1) it's free, 2) it works well mostly, and 3) it can handle almost any type of archive floating around. A definite thumbs up! ;-) show Review details
An excellent freeware 5 stars by Ghost_ARCHER Feb 03, 2006 (Read all my 10 reviews)
As title said, an excellent software. I installed in my system as a backup once ... expires. But here are some personal opinions. I don't like the big buttons, which look like a big stone on the top, especially those two grey ones. I think maybe more and smaller buttons should be put in toolbar. The other thing is about easy to use. I spent nearly one hour to figure out how to zip a file, because I can't see any file in the inbuilt browser. If you count how many clicks you need to finish a compression, you will know why I didn't mark the ease of use excellent. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Feb 06, 2006: Hello. Thank you for your comment. You can set smaller icons with a right-click on the toolbar: you will see a popup menu that will let you customize the toolbar layout. In order to ZIP a file, you can simply right-click on the file you need to ZIP (you will see the context menu options) or you can use the ZG main application: click "New" to create a new ZIP file and program will show you the file compression dialog.
Excellent freeware 5 stars by bluehorizon Jan 25, 2006 (Read all my 18 reviews)
A really excellent program with support for most zip formats and a cool XP like interface to boot! I like the way you can personalise the program and scan your downloaded files with your antivirus program. The built in update feature is also very good. Many thanks to the author for giving this away for free. A real keeper! show Review details
Impressive! 5 stars by Ghost_grey Jan 11, 2006 (Read all my 56 reviews)
This is pretty nice, hard to believe it's not as popular as [..] or similar i can now open .jar files! and create zips, jar, gzip, 7zip ect. the compression is pretty good, i tried compressing some images, and i didnt notice much difference in compression, but with txt, (like my Firefox profile) i noticed very big difference! but when creating a zip with password protection anyone can just delete the file, and say goodbye to those files, (i dont know if this was fixed, or this is just a huge bug in windows.. whatever) it should ask for password before deleting anyways. but at any rate i could just use the encryption/decryption tool which is nice, also it is not just a zipper, but a multi purpose tool it can make zips into and .exe, create a slideshow, cut big files in half, has a backup tool (even for Firefox profiles, etc), scan and zip(for images is really nice, after minutes of looking at i just realized how powerful this tool is, its easy to use too. for the price get it. show Review details
Just one minor niggle 4 stars by niatrinh Jan 04, 2006
I can't really fault this program because its free and its very good at its job. I only have one minor niggle with it and was wondering if it was just me. Basically, when i select the contents of a folder to zip up, it will create a lovely zip file for me. All fine. However, when i try to delete this folder, windows won't let me, telling me that its being used by another program. I can only delete this folder when I use the zip utility again in a different folder. This would suggest that the zip utility process is holding onto the folder handle even after its finished its operation. Might just be me but I thought I'd bring it out to the public domain. The version of ZipGenius I'm using is show Review details
Excellent program! 5 stars by rocky1 Dec 18, 2005
I first tried Zip Genius about 2 years ago, and have used it exclusively every since. You want to zip a folder or file right click, select create archive, select a location and archive type, and click go. You want to unzip a file, right click, select "extract to" option of choice, elect folder if necessary and click OK; it's there. If it were any easier to operate, it would have to have auto-pilot. Had to use the other guys once for a folder that was dedicated to their program, and they immediately took over as default zip client on my computer. Shot an e-mail off to customer service at Zip Genius and had a courteous and detailed response back in a matter of minutes! I'm running Zip Genius on 2K on my primary computer and 98SE and XP on a dual boot system as well, have never had a problem on any of them. This one will reside on my machine as long as I have the strength to keyboard! Excellent program in every respect. show Review details
Ok, but there are better on snapfiles 3 stars by Harlan Dec 18, 2005 (Read all my 69 reviews)
I've had this for a year. Works well, but it is huge and its interface is confusing. Views but DOES NOT EXTRACT files from archives created by LHA. Author is enthusiastic, and program is regularly updated, but the emphasis seems to be on pretty screens rather than on producing a fast, compact, and intuitive program without bugs. The "Suite" version includes an FTP program and a file splitter, both OK but nothing special. There are lots of other well-reviewed freeware archiving programs on this site that strike me as more practical. show Review details
Ok, you got me 5 stars by estople Nov 22, 2005 (Read all my 8 reviews)
It was wrenching to go from [..] to [..], and it wasn't any easier going to ZipGenius. Once you get used to a compression tool - trusting all your files and data to it - its hard to switch. [..]'s annoying registration process made me look for an alternative to going through it all again when I upgraded to XP. ZipGenius makes me very comfortable and is now on every machine I own. Its different, to be sure, but in many ways that's a good thing. The XP-only interface style was tough to get used to, but its very complete and jam packed with goodies; everything [..] was and more. Highly recommended. show Review details
Zipgenius is ... 5 stars by izh_sakuragi Nov 06, 2005
What can i say...this is the best ever zip utilities...user friendly, e-zy 2 use, good interface...the important thing is it`s FREE!! recommend to the others..keep the good job show Review details
Works for me 5 stars by guy9663 Jul 30, 2005 (Read all my 7 reviews)
Can't see a problem yet. I have been running this for 2 months. Does the job. Not a huge download and you don't have to install everything. I like the fact this program appears to get regular updates. That tells me somebody is working on this. Keep up the good work! I have recommended this to friends and will continue to do so until I'm shown a better zip utility. Any takers? show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Aug 01, 2005: Thank you :)
Bloatware 2 stars by elhombreplatano Jul 27, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
There are tons of other utilities that can do just what this program can and they are faster, easier to use, and also free. Try 7-zip for instance, this huge 9mb download has good functions but isnt practical in any way. show Review details
Great archive program 5 stars by Dreamer888 Jul 14, 2005 (Read all my 9 reviews)
Great, easy to use, customizable. I miss just - Browser for files and archives - and Remaining time and Pause button in context menu dialog box. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Jul 15, 2005: Thank you :)
Great zipperrrrrr!! 5 stars by james5 Jul 04, 2005 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I like this as well as ... and it is free. It does everything that the others do and it does it all!! show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Jul 04, 2005: Thank you :)
Zipgenius review 5 stars by crazywhlzkid Jun 16, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Awesome zip tool, best one ive used so far, keep up the good work! show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Jul 04, 2005: Thank you :)
Not worth the download 3 stars by smoozdog Jun 14, 2005 (Read all my 17 reviews)
Way too over-complicated... download ... instead. show Review details
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