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The best....ever 5 stars by Blacksixx Feb 20, 2022 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I wasnt going to purchase this because it is kinda spendy but after trying many others i got sick of them not working as i needed them to. This one however is a game changer. I can hardly keep up with all the changes it detects on things i watch. I cant go without it running, thats how crucial this has become since i purchased this and it's smart phone counterpart. Only real gripe i have is the android app version only goes a low as 1hr for checking. Needs 1 minute minimum. show Review details
There is no equal 5 stars by rkd108428 Feb 15, 2013 (Read all my 17 reviews)
If you're looking for software to monitor changes on various types of web pages, your search is over. I evaluated about a half-dozen other web monitoring programs and none of them hold a candle to Website-Watcher, nothing else out there matches the power, features, and flexibility of this program in terms of detecting any or specific (keyword-based) webpage changes, the filtering capabilities to block extraneous changes (e.g. ads, timedate displays, banners, etc.), special options to deal with complex problematic web pages, and customizing things with built-in scripting. The only thing I didn't give 5 stars to is Ease of Use, because a program of this type with many useful features and options requires some tinkering before realizing its capabilities. And if there were a rating for Customer Support, it would get 6 stars. show Review details
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