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Easy and trustworthy 5 stars by Satrakshita Mar 27, 2006
The program is automatized to a great extent, but, if needed, all parameters can be changed. The ftp program I tried out before Site Publisher didn't take different time-zones into account. As it happens the server my website is on uses UT (Universal Time) and whenever I uploaded a file, the timestamp it got on the server differed from the timestamp the file has on my PC. As a consequence when I repeatedly had to change a file and upload it to the server, other files uploaded shortly before, were also uploaded time and again, even though not changed. This is a nuisance, especially if files are large. Site Publisher took care of this as it takes differences in timezones into account. It apparently doesn't make mistakes during, or after resuming, transfer of files, no doubt because of its safe transfers technology, and ensures files are available for website visitors all the time while uploading them to the server. show Review details
Great tool 5 stars by radukn Feb 25, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Well, the screen capture is very old. The program looks much better and I use it daily for over one year. I do 10-15 websites, and after I modify something on my harddisk, I have to do one click, and SitePublisher will upload only what I modify locally. Before that, I had to remember what files I had modified. So, SitePublisher gains for me tens of minutes per day! [Editor: We have updated the screen capture] show Review details
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