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Excellent utility, but a few suggestions 4 stars by jmorfit333 May 15, 2013
MWSnap is a wonderful program. Now, here's my suggestions:
1. Add a few paintbrush type tools: Pen, Highlighter, Eraser, Fuzzer (the latter for fuzzing passwords or other identifiers)
2. Add a resizable Circle/Ellipse for circling items of interest
3. Fix the issues associated with capturing from a 2nd monitor. show Review details
Long time user - 5 years now 5 stars by beadit Nov 12, 2012 (Read all my 3 reviews)
This isn't fancy, it just does the job. I've recommended MWSnap to dozens of people and donated a couple of times now as well. show Review details
Great program except for one bug 5 stars by AnnaSummersl Jan 17, 2012
All of the few negative comments are fixable if you learn how to configure the program. I have only ONE bone to pick! When you have a dollar amount in the filename (which I often do, for my banking & receipt clips), the decimal and everything after it is dropped. I believe there are a few other special characters that, if used, cause the special character and everything that follow it to be dropped, but the decimal bothered me so much that I switched programs. The new program also has a similar problem with the decimal, but if I type an end decimal, followed by the files extension (i.e. filename 25.10.doc) then everything is kept fine. I didn't think of this in time to try it with MWSnap. The app I'm using now doesn't remember the last filename to show in the naming box and MWSnap does. I miss that with my new program. I may go back to MSSnap and try the .ext trick with it. That is it's ONLY problem. Well, a "Browse" button beside the filename would be nice, just in case OCCASIONALLY you'd like to save the file in a different folder. There is one other thing I like better about the new program: the crosshatch extends top to bottom and edge to edge, so you can see in advance exactly what will be included in the clip. Still, MWSnap's remembering the last filename for me (in case I want to name it the same with a (2) on it, etc.) beats the crosshatch. If MWSnap would extend the crosshatch , fix the decimal, and add a Browse button, it would be pretty much PERFECT! show Review details
Long time user 4 stars by AEn1gm4 Apr 20, 2011 (Read all my 10 reviews)
I have been using MWSnap for about 5 years now, and it always was my favourite snapshot tool. The design is intuitive, its easy to use and has lots of handy options. Having said this, I have one serious complaint: if you use Vista, there is a bug which causes a small textbar to get in front (and in) your capture. The textbar says you are about to take a snapshot of a selected area, but unfortunately it doesnt disappear when you actually do. I didnt have this problem on Windows XP, and I wish they would solve this bug for Vista. show Review details
It's okay, but . . . 4 stars by MrJaw69 Mar 13, 2011 (Read all my 34 reviews)
MWSnap didn't really work for me. First of all, I wish that the assignable hot keys were more flexible. The application I was trying to snapshot already had alt + ctrl + S assigned, so I couldn't use the auto snapshot feature. Deprived of this functionality, MWSnap became a nuisance, as it popped to the front as each shot was taken. When I have a batch of shots, I want to get them taken quickly, then process them later. MWSnap, in this instance, didn't help me get the job done. show Review details
Very easy to use 5 stars by webguy39 Nov 23, 2009 (Read all my 10 reviews)
This is a very simple and easy program to take and use for taking and grabbing a quick screen shot for a project your working on, or just for taking a screen shot of a web page for further reference off-line. I use this little gem of a program all the time and works well with Vista 32 bit. And the price is right so if your looking for a easy screen shot program stop looking, and try this one ! show Review details
Tried a bunch - this is the best! 5 stars by BWesley May 21, 2009
I've tried many screen capture programs looking for the one that filled my needs. I stumbled across MWSnap and figured I'd give it a try. What a find!! The thing I like most about it is that it's invisible to programs that won't allow you to copy, even with a screen capture program. A+++ in my books!! show Review details
I love it 5 stars by twintail Nov 19, 2008 (Read all my 3 reviews)
Tried many of these. have been with MWsnap for several years now. Have it on all my machines. wish it captured across monitors. Thats the only (con) I can think of. I love simple free software. This is the best at what its supposed to do. capture. I drag out the bloated captures for scrolling cap and multi-monitor, thankfully thats rare. show Review details
It's good 4 stars by gimpguy Sep 17, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I like all the features and such but one thing that bugged me are some keys are non changeable. I wish the prt Scrn button was a choice too. I think this could potentially be one of the best capture software out there but to be honest, I have used much better. It does have potential though. I use FastStone capture, the older FREE version that is. Last I knew, it's now only a trial. Anyway, it's much easier to use and does just as much. Perhaps MWSnap can learn from it and improve, then they will have a new fan. show Review details
I use it daily 5 stars by sazhazman Mar 31, 2008 (Read all my 26 reviews)
This great program is a must have for all Web Developers. Many options with an easy to understand interface. show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by thefbi Feb 17, 2008
I have been looking for a replacement for PrintKey since it went "Pro". This is the closet I have found. Nice program. show Review details
Best in the free 4 stars by chu1979 Oct 19, 2007 (Read all my 4 reviews)
It is a Excellent freeware. Best in the free. A fly in the ointment is can't support DVD movie capture or DirectX capture. show Review details
Very good program 5 stars by Leonel May 31, 2007
It's really the best in the market for free. I like the autosave feature, so I just press a button and it is all done. Very good! show Review details
Excellent tool ! 5 stars by GBudNY Jan 22, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Very easy to use and very convenient to have at your disposal. I use it all the time to save account information, etcetera, when registering anything online. A great reference tool. show Review details
Limited hotkey options 4 stars by bleaksand Jan 14, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
This program was perfect for me except for ONE drawback -- The selection of hotkeys was too limiting. I wanted to assign the auto-save to *PrtScn*, not to a combination of *Shift*, *Ctrl*, or *Alt* and function keys. (Because in gaming, ALL of the best keys are already mapped) ... So I switched to FastStone Capture and am happy. show Review details
Another handy program 5 stars by miskairal Dec 02, 2006 (Read all my 29 reviews)
I've installed this on all computers owned by family and friends. Then when they try to tell me about a problem they are having I can say take a screenshot and most of them can manage it with MWSnap. Great program. show Review details
Preferred screen capturer 5 stars by fotosel Nov 16, 2006 (Read all my 8 reviews)
Does all that I need, the magnifier is very useful. I use Gadwin Printscreen, too, which is also very good. both run at my startup. setting size of capture before capturing is very useful, and doing small editing (rotating, scaling) without the need of an image editor is great :) it even remembers last few captures (undo) show Review details
It's a snap! 5 stars by DavidSchenck Sep 30, 2006
I have used MWSnap for some months now and have found that the longer I use it, the more I use it. Hardly a week passes before a new use is found. For the millions now researching their Family History, this small programme provides a rapid means of recording information found on genealogical websites and is absolutely invaluable. Also great for those interested in maps. Easy to instal and use, it really is a great little programme! It would be difficult to give it anything else than an excellent rating and I have already recommended it to many of my friends and contacts. show Review details
Great product - and it's free 5 stars by DavesTechShop Sep 04, 2006
I have been deciding between MWSnap and SnagIt... Bottom line: unless you use dual monitors, MWSnap is hard to beat. show Review details
Nice program, does what it's supposed to 5 stars by dkny4773 Jul 01, 2006 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Handy little program. I do wish it was able to capture the full contents of an open window, and had more editing features available/different capture options. But it's quick, easy and does a nice job as is. show Review details
Mwsnap 5 stars by culion Jun 11, 2006 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Small, powerful program that is easy to use. Have been using it for several years. Periodically, I check other programs but have not found any that beat it. show Review details
Great shareware 4 stars by RogertheDodger May 23, 2006 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Works well. It doesn't seem to capture second monitor, but I just transfer it to primary monitor and capture it there. show Review details
Almost perfect 5 stars by pcs800 Apr 13, 2006 (Read all my 222 reviews)
I do a lot of tutorials that require screen shots. There is only one other program I know of that works for me a little better than this one does. That is "UltraSnap" by Mediachance. It has all the same functions accept you can set US to automatically put a drop shadow under the screen shot, which make them look professional without extra editing. US also allows you to drag from the screen and drop on the desktop to automatically create a jpg file. But US does not have the "add cursor" feature that MWSnap does. Also, US is not free :-( I agree with Snapfiles that this is probably the best Screen shot tool available in the free category. show Review details
Best graphics snap tool 5 stars by TerryP Apr 03, 2006 (Read all my 87 reviews)
I tried many snap tools, but keep going back to MWsnap. It's simple to use, small, and effective. A classic that should be on every PC. show Review details
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