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The best all purpose workgroup mail server. 5 stars by MiguelSanchezBardet Jul 16, 2006
After more than 7 years i still use Mercury mail server. As a private consultant, i recommend it. It is a perfect solution for small and medium networks. Easily works for 20 to 300 users. Easy to install (it usually takes 90 seconds, measured) to have a mail server working. I have made more the 30 installations all working. No per user cost, completely compatible SMTP/POP3, works with standard antivirus. FULL MAIL CONTROL, mail-in mail-out control, strict relay control makes a relay proof mail server. No WEB mail yet, but everything else works perfect. The best is the simplicity, process windows ideal for learning purposes, and backup/restore is so simple as to copy a directory. Full server restore in under 3 minutes. Works with windows 95-up. And works from Pentium 166/64 MB. As i mentioned this is for a personal - workgroup solution. In this scenario I did not find problems yet. show Review details
Excellent for small business or relay server 4 stars by Oichi_Ru Dec 28, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
We have used Mercury/32 as our SMTP, POP and IMAP for 5 years in our small business. Many companies run Mercury in Novell mode. Merc/32 has never failed us and you can't get better than that. The Mercury mailing lists are very helpful and the filtering is excellent in Mercury. On the downside, the usernames do not integrate into Windows which is a pain and the daemon functionality is largely unused, largely due to a lack of documentation on writing daemons. If you understand the basics of a mail server, don't mind circa 1990's style dialog boxes or vague options path and and you want an industrial strength mail server then Mercury is it. IMPORTANT ! All the Mercury/32 config settings are all in mercury.ini so if things go terribly wrong, fixing it is much easier than restoring or fixing registry entries or databases. I had to restore 4 corrupted Exchange servers once. I've never been the same person since. show Review details
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