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A little gem! 5 stars by Dragon10 Feb 26, 2008 (Read all my 43 reviews)
I Recently installed Mailmoa v4.0 onto my PC and it is proving to be a very satisfactory utitility in combatting the ever intrusive spam E-mails. Mailmoa is extremely easy to set-up, no complex configuring before it can even be used. Input account details and away-ya go! Mailmoa can be set to check E-mails at regular intervals and in my experience, integrates well with the 'inhouse' E-mail client. True, Mailmoa is not as complex as some other 'Anti-Spam' products but hey, it sure works and works extremely well. A further plus is that it does not take up a chunk of hard-drive disk space. If I was to make a recommendation, it would be to increase the font and overall size of the 'Noticeboard' feature. Some people may struggle with this. I express my gratitude to the generosity of the developers, in offering this excellent program as freeware and would hope to see its profile raised and downloads increase, honestly, believing this would be fully justified. show Review details
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