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A small fantastic gem 5 stars by DennisNSoCal Apr 18, 2019 (Read all my 4 reviews)
A great little program that is only 173 Kb in size but it you will save you tons of work. I was exiting to dos and then doing the "dir>filename.txt" to text file command but that gets old if you have several directories to do. This is one of those great gems that isn't overly and unnecessarily complicated. I'm very happy with this program and it definitely saved me lots of time today. Great job. show Review details
It's basic 3 stars by gimpguy Aug 26, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Yep, it prints the directories and sub directories. Basically, this is a batch file style with a gui. I have numerous batch files I've made that do what this does, however, it is handy to be able to check and uncheck what you want etc... it's alright for what it does, it's free, deserves a three star. show Review details
Good little utility 5 stars by MNBrian Aug 25, 2011
This is a great little (173 kb) program for printing the names of directories and the files in them. You can choose whether to print just the name of the directory or to include files names. You can choose the length limit of file names that are printed, and also whether to include size, date, etc. Results are provided in text format. The utility has limited capability, which is what makes it so useful. The interface is limited but intuitive, in part because features are limited. show Review details
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