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Fair software, bad business, poor protection 2 stars by zm50cc Jun 28, 2007
HTML Guardian could be considered a deterrent - a way to keep some very naive people from copy specific kinds of content from your website. Other than that, the software has no advantage. It uses java scripts to encrypt (but obfuscate is a better word) your html code. Browsers must decrypt this before they read the page. FireFox gives users access to all content encrypted with HTML Guardian, and many key features do not work on IE7. For instance, the print screen blocking works on NO current versions of any browser. The customer service by protware is very poor. After purchasing it, you have to send off for an access file by e-mail. It took Protware about 3 days to deliver my access code via e-mail after I paid for the item (I requested the access code about 5 mins after buying). Also, their payment process is a horrible. I requested a refund after using it a few times because it did not work as described. Protware refused my refund and I so did ShareIt. show Review details
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