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Very light in system resources!!! 4 stars by GIORGOS Aug 11, 2006 (Read all my 14 reviews)
I liked it, when I installed its beta version (although beta, it was without bugs). It was very light and it was not downgraded my system performance (I have a Celeron 800). The updates was small and I hadn't to stay on-line for long time (I have a dial-up connection), just for downloading updates. The user interface was somewhat unusual, but after spending 15 minutes exploring it, I got familiar with it. Also it has the option for auto-update (better), or just notifying me, for manual updating. Also it has the option for disabling the shield for a while (e.g. for installing a very heavy program). Another advantage was that it was not demanding (after installation) further actions from me. The beta testing mail support was excellent! Well, my overall impression was very good. I think, if you are searching for paid protection, you must try it, so you can create your own opinion. show Review details
You pay what you get....holds true! 3 stars by fashionwayne Feb 08, 2006 (Read all my 3 reviews)
This program is to SCAN and DETECT only! It doesn't really disinfect well nor "delete" the viruses at all. Many times, we would have to delete the viruses manually...trust me, it is a pain. I guess for the money you are paying for 10 licenses is not too bad. If you're the person who doesn't mind deleting the viruses manually, then this is the software for you. After my license is expired from F-Prot, I'm switching. Thank you. show Review details
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