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Superbly useful 5 stars by TroyPolloy389 Jan 03, 2016
Fantastic and effective replacement tool; is capable of ignoring extensions and processing all files of a specific extension within subfolders. I have used it to instantly alter hundreds of command script batch-files in our observatory automation system. 5 Stars? ALL THE STARS!!! show Review details
Replaced 5 stars by gimpguy Oct 16, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
As stated by others, it's not just a click and change like "find" in some apps. This is much more powerful and if into coding and such, will make an excellent tool. I can't say anything bad about it. show Review details
Powerful batch search and replace 4 stars by VikingMan May 09, 2008 (Read all my 15 reviews)
This is a powerful program for searching and replacing strings in a batch of files. I used it to update an HTML link wherever it occurred in loads of HTML files for a web site. The program is powerful and versatile but you need to set up a few options before you use it - it's not just like you run it and say "replace X with Y" and press the Start button. But overall it's the best freeware application I have found to do multiple batch replacements. show Review details
Satisfied 5 stars by SVladimir Apr 03, 2008
I think that log file should be more wide. But I am satisfied by the program`s functionality. show Review details
It search and replace break lines! 4 stars by MatheusMeneghini Aug 22, 2007 (Read all my 6 reviews)
I use BK ReplaceEm to search and replace tags in multiple HTML files. After you learn how BK ReplaceEm works it became a good tool. show Review details
All you need 5 stars by MasterJack Oct 03, 2006
I am a software developer and this product has become part of my build process; automating the task of replacing textual tags with application specific values directly from the command-line. Will replace all files matching a mask in a folder (with sub-folders) or allow the specification of individual files. Offers regular expressions but also plain old simple search/replace text. This program will handle your needs whether they are basic or advanced. show Review details
Essential! 5 stars by elfforavia Mar 12, 2006 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Universal search and replace, nobody does it better on PC. The interface is a little easier when you realize that you can just double click on the edit fields to enter short bits of text, and there's certainly nothing else out there that will let you juggle honking huge blocks of text like this. Don't miss the *range searches*, where you can search for blocks of text based on beginning and ending characters, a great strategy for working on web sites (use unique comments to denote header and footer areas, for instance). If there is a fault with the interface, it's that it's not directly a part of a text editor, like Mac's BBEdit. That can be both a good and bad thing... you have to use a separate text editor to determine the text you're looking for; but then, you're not bound to one text editor, and can just use this as a companion tool with whichever one you prefer. show Review details
Powerful 4 stars by DaveKan Feb 28, 2006
I had a long query that I needed to replace a single line of text with 4 lines of text. Notepad and other basic editors couldn't handle the length of the replaced text. ReplaceEm did it very nicely, plus it allowed me to make several changes in one pass. The interface was initially confusing, but I figured it out fairly quickly. show Review details
Great help for me 4 stars by kpalik Oct 05, 2005
I maintain and create www sites with lots of files, sql dumps and similar things - this program is a real timesaver when it comes to do some repetitive tasks as changing urls, paths, colors and so on. And if you learn some regular expressions you can do near anything with it. show Review details
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