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A good starter mail server 4 stars by shutchi2 Mar 21, 2007 (Read all my 2 reviews)
ArGoSoft Mail Server (AMS) is a good beginner's mail server to introduce someone to the world of hosting your own email. It has a very small footprint, is extremely quick and easy to install, and generally crash-proof. But those used to the more advanced option available through free webmail sites will be somewhat disappointed. In particular, spam and viruses will need to be handled by 3rd party solutions or plugins. While there are a number of options available, they are not always the easiest to configure and generally don't work as well as the server itself. But if you are looking to host your own email for the first time, AMS is a great place to start and the prices are definitely hard to beat. show Review details
The easiest mail server 5 stars by diptanshu Mar 14, 2007
ArGoSoft Mail Server is perhaps the easiest mailserver to use. It's small and full-featured. Configure it the way you want. Just fill in DNS entry and you're done. No need to use your ISP or external server to send emails. It's not only fast, you can also see the current status--something few servers have. Check if your mail has been delivered correctly, what's the problem if it's not gone yet, whether the recipient is valid or not... lots of info. Use it in the office as well so everyone can send emails. The free version and paid versions have different user limits and options, but all versions are just as easy to setup and use. Download ArGoSoft Mail Server and use without hesitation. show Review details
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